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Sunday, August 13, 2006

lost and found

kristin and vv, i am jealous of you both. instead of yarn needles or stitch markers i lose the actual knitting needles! but you won't believe what i found today, ANOTHER LOCAL YARN STORE. that brings the total (of the ones i've found so far) to 7. it's called abundant yarns and it's my new favorite. the have roving for spinning and told me that next month they're going to start carrying wheels. and they have dying classes. i asked about books about dying and one of the ladies who worked there showed me the yarn they were currently mordanting to dye themselves. it has a great cafe where joe had some coffee and read the paper and let me shop in peace.

in non-knitting news our sewer line died and we spend last week living with my parents. surprisingly, it was fun. we got sarah's room because it leads to the 2nd floor porch where we could leave bear while we were at work. my sister has the most comfortable bed ever. she spent months researching and shopping and we made so much fun of her, but she got the best bed ever. and my parents finally like bear now and realize that he really is a great dog, despite needing a good bit of time to warm up to new people. and tomorrow we leave for vacation! sarah and her boyfriend mike and joe and i are going to yachats on the coast (were the highs are going to be in the low 70s and high 60s) for the first half of the week and then we hear further south a bit inland to ashland for some good eating and great plays where our parents are going to meet us.

vv, how was your parents' visit?


Blogger Beverly said...

Good Grief! I am ever so jealous of yet another yarn store. And with a Cafe no less! Heaven I tell you! Heaven! So sorry to hear about the time away from home but it sounds like the bed may have made it worth it. have a great vacation. As usual, we miss you.

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