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Monday, August 07, 2006

I am so disorganized!

Mims, your yarn looks great. I'm really impressed with your spinning, considering I've had a wheel for two years and still haven't learned to ply.

I just have to tell you all how pathetically disorganized I am. I finished my tank that I've been working on forever, just needed to seam up the sides and weave in the ends--except I couldn't find any of my yarn needles. So I went to Great Yarns Saturday and bought two. As I put them in my change purse, I said to Julie, "I'm not going to lose these." And then, on Sunday, when I opened my change purse to get them out, they had vaporized. Gone! So I still couldn't seam the damn thing. Just went to AC Moore and bought two more. I hope I don't lose them too.

I have also decided to knit the One-Skein Wonder (that little shoulder cover thingie) out of the Sundara VV gave us all. But, I need to measure the length between my shoulder blades to figure out what size to make. And guess what? I can't find my tape measure! And I forgot to buy one when I was just at AC Moore! I suck.


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