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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

dude, where'd everyone go?

every night i check the blog, waiting and anticipating and hoping while the page takes a decade to load on my completely crappy dsl connection, and, alas, nothing new. of course, i've written nothing in over 2 weeks either, so i figured i'd be as good as anyone to get the ball rolling.

vacation was fun. yachats (pronounced ya-haughts) was down-right cold the first couple days. there were times that i literally wished i had brought a wool hat with me-- not to knit but to wear. i checked the weather report before we left, and it said it would be in the 60s, i think it was really the 50s. august. the beach. wool hat. a year ago i would have never thought that those words would go together. of course no one calls it the beach here, it's "the coast." but here's a pic during low tide of a rock that was about the size of a vw bug and completely covered with mussels and a few colorful starfish.

we rented a house that is owned by someone who used to work at the paper here. he also owns the house beside the one we were staying at and that was being rented by a pulitzer prize winning photographer, dave kennerly. and it turns out he knows my uncle charlie, they worked in the ford white house at the same time. small, small world.

after yachats we headed further south and a little inland to ashland for the shakespeare festival. we saw 3 plays, thankfully only one was shakespeare. bus stop was my favorite by far. there's also a sweet little yarn store there and i walked away with 55 dollars of alpaca. it's 600 yards, is that enought for a shawls of sorts? would my best bet be a really wide scarf?

at work i'm currently working on the race for the cure tab. 28 pages of almost no art. my solution is pink tint boxes on almost every page... it's really not an exciting assignment at all, but i must say that i'm enjoying it. i guess it's just nice to be doing something a little different. and i only have 3 days to do it, so being so busy is making the work day fly by.

well, you're probably wondering if i'll ever shut up, so i will, but someone else needs to write too!!!


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