Or how to keep in touch with your best knitwits when you live 3,000 miles away from them

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

dude, where'd everyone go?

every night i check the blog, waiting and anticipating and hoping while the page takes a decade to load on my completely crappy dsl connection, and, alas, nothing new. of course, i've written nothing in over 2 weeks either, so i figured i'd be as good as anyone to get the ball rolling.

vacation was fun. yachats (pronounced ya-haughts) was down-right cold the first couple days. there were times that i literally wished i had brought a wool hat with me-- not to knit but to wear. i checked the weather report before we left, and it said it would be in the 60s, i think it was really the 50s. august. the beach. wool hat. a year ago i would have never thought that those words would go together. of course no one calls it the beach here, it's "the coast." but here's a pic during low tide of a rock that was about the size of a vw bug and completely covered with mussels and a few colorful starfish.

we rented a house that is owned by someone who used to work at the paper here. he also owns the house beside the one we were staying at and that was being rented by a pulitzer prize winning photographer, dave kennerly. and it turns out he knows my uncle charlie, they worked in the ford white house at the same time. small, small world.

after yachats we headed further south and a little inland to ashland for the shakespeare festival. we saw 3 plays, thankfully only one was shakespeare. bus stop was my favorite by far. there's also a sweet little yarn store there and i walked away with 55 dollars of alpaca. it's 600 yards, is that enought for a shawls of sorts? would my best bet be a really wide scarf?

at work i'm currently working on the race for the cure tab. 28 pages of almost no art. my solution is pink tint boxes on almost every page... it's really not an exciting assignment at all, but i must say that i'm enjoying it. i guess it's just nice to be doing something a little different. and i only have 3 days to do it, so being so busy is making the work day fly by.

well, you're probably wondering if i'll ever shut up, so i will, but someone else needs to write too!!!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

lost and found

kristin and vv, i am jealous of you both. instead of yarn needles or stitch markers i lose the actual knitting needles! but you won't believe what i found today, ANOTHER LOCAL YARN STORE. that brings the total (of the ones i've found so far) to 7. it's called abundant yarns and it's my new favorite. the have roving for spinning and told me that next month they're going to start carrying wheels. and they have dying classes. i asked about books about dying and one of the ladies who worked there showed me the yarn they were currently mordanting to dye themselves. it has a great cafe where joe had some coffee and read the paper and let me shop in peace.

in non-knitting news our sewer line died and we spend last week living with my parents. surprisingly, it was fun. we got sarah's room because it leads to the 2nd floor porch where we could leave bear while we were at work. my sister has the most comfortable bed ever. she spent months researching and shopping and we made so much fun of her, but she got the best bed ever. and my parents finally like bear now and realize that he really is a great dog, despite needing a good bit of time to warm up to new people. and tomorrow we leave for vacation! sarah and her boyfriend mike and joe and i are going to yachats on the coast (were the highs are going to be in the low 70s and high 60s) for the first half of the week and then we hear further south a bit inland to ashland for some good eating and great plays where our parents are going to meet us.

vv, how was your parents' visit?

Monday, August 07, 2006

Kristin, I right there with you.

Don't feel bad, I think I lose a stitch marker a day and a yarn needle a week.

And I'm working on this project right now, and you DO NOT WANT TO SEE MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW.

Or my desk at work right now, to be quite honest.

And my parents are coming for a visit on Friday!

I am so disorganized!

Mims, your yarn looks great. I'm really impressed with your spinning, considering I've had a wheel for two years and still haven't learned to ply.

I just have to tell you all how pathetically disorganized I am. I finished my tank that I've been working on forever, just needed to seam up the sides and weave in the ends--except I couldn't find any of my yarn needles. So I went to Great Yarns Saturday and bought two. As I put them in my change purse, I said to Julie, "I'm not going to lose these." And then, on Sunday, when I opened my change purse to get them out, they had vaporized. Gone! So I still couldn't seam the damn thing. Just went to AC Moore and bought two more. I hope I don't lose them too.

I have also decided to knit the One-Skein Wonder (that little shoulder cover thingie) out of the Sundara VV gave us all. But, I need to measure the length between my shoulder blades to figure out what size to make. And guess what? I can't find my tape measure! And I forgot to buy one when I was just at AC Moore! I suck.