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Friday, July 28, 2006

stupid computers

blogger did not want to upload photos last night and the night before, and with all my various attempts i forgot the photo i wanted to post most of all. i finally made the 2 ply yarn. i think it's way over-plied, or maybe it's the singles that are over-spun. i have no earthly idea if i'm using the right terms here. anyway, here it is:

the 2nd bobbin of singles for made me pretty happy because i was getting it a lot finer and it was relatively consistent. (the emphasis in the previous sentence would be on "relatively.")

vv, common sense makes me think that the more twist i put in the singles, the more twist i should put in the plies to make it balance. is that right? all of the pound of white wool i bought when i started is now spun. there is about 1/3 of a bobbin of singles left. i'm thinking about making a double ply using that and the light green wool you gave me.


Blogger vv said...

the yarn is gorgeous, you are being way to picky.

i think in theory that works, but i think if you weight the yarn as you block it, that fixes most balance problems.

if you really want to be kosher about everything, as you spin the singles, take a bit and let it twist onto itself, take a ruler, and count how many twist you get in an inch (you can take an average, i.e. measure out 4 inches of the yarn, count how many twists you have, then divide the number by 4)

then you will know how many twists you need to make a balanced two-ply yarn with your singles.

i find all that to be a spinning buzz kill for me, so i just try for a little tension as i'm plying, then weight the yarn as i block it.

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