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Thursday, July 27, 2006

sorry i've been so silent for so long ...

the photos of the hike are so gorgeous. i really need to get out there. al and i are going camping with some friends this weekend near mt. ranier, and all i'm taking project-wise is the kristin nicholas steeking bag. i think i've been using the dyeing as an excuse not to finish the bag. the pattern isn't particularly difficult, which is why i'm dragging my feet a bit.

i'm going to talk about this in my other blog, but when i told sundara about how i dyed the yarn, she totally put her hands in her head and asked 'what were you THINKING?'

she did all these calculations, and sent me home with some dye to sample on about 20 grams of yarn.

sheesh. but she's genius, and somebody probably should have stopped me earlier.

by the way, i think i can get a t-shirt or something made with the clockwork orange angry girl on it through cafe press, so if anyone wants one, take a look at the stuff and let me know what, 'cause i'm making a high resolution version of her just for that purpose.


Blogger Beverly said...

I'm not sure if I could even wear one of the t-shirts unless it comes in XXL. I know that Knitters Review has a long sleeved t-shirt in their cafe press boutique that comes in that size. Actually I would like one of the canvas bags that cafe press has or better yet - one of the messenger bags. Shoot, I'd also love a mug, and one of the notebooks, and a pin, etc. See - I'll take whatever I can get. Hell! Why not make an iron on thing and we can iron it on everything!

2:11 PM

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