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Thursday, July 13, 2006

sorry i haven't written in a while...

i kept putting it off, thinking i'd take a picture of some of the stuff in progress tomorrow, but i'd never remember to do it during daylight hours. tonight i said screw it and took a pic with the crappy flash and crappy inside light. on the left is a navajo plied skein i spun from some blue wool that vv gave me. on the right is a scarf that shows up particularly poorly in this photo. it's knit from blue moon loop in a diagonal pattern that was exactly what the scarf needed to not be too boring to knit.

i also started working on the cardigan from knit and tonic again. i finally got past the point where you seperate out the stitches for the arms. this sweater may or may not be finished by this time next year... in spinning news the piece the connects the treddle and footman broke on my wheel and i repaired it, feeling ridiculously proud of myself. and i'm almost done with the white wool that i bought a pound of when i first started. i'm going to make my first 2 ply. one of the bobins of singles is done and the other is more than half way.

in non-knitting news, i'm about to have a nervous breakdown about putting a new sewer line from the house to the main. we've talked to 5 different plumbers and none of them say the same thing. i, obviously, have no damn idea what-so-ever. the inlaw visit was actually a lot of fun, just a little stressful. i have the best mother in law ever. not one comment about the state of housekeeping (or lack there of) in my house. and she professed to love everything i cook that week.

what's everybody else up to?


Blogger vv said...

you did an awesome job, whatcha going to knit with the blue yarn?

sorry to hear about the sewer line, every now and again i realize the down side of owning a house.

11:38 AM


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