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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fun Was Had By All!

Julie and Kristen and I knit at Caribou on Sunday. It was packed! Normally it's fairly empty but it was crazy this past Sunday. Kristin's plugging away at her Calmer tank. I know the color will be beautiful on her. And the most amazing part of the day? Julie actually brought a knitting project for herself! It's the tank that she was working on months ago out of the beautiful multicolored ribbon yarn. If you remember, she's knit the pattern before but this time she's trying to knit it in the round. I have the yarn for the darn pattern. Bought it last year to make one for Nicole. Of course it's still sitting in a container - languishing. Sent the Diamond Fantasy shawl pattern to Mims - along with a rectangular one I just purchased. Let me know if anyone else would like a copy. And Mims, don't forget to post a picture of the yarn. I'm dying to see it!

Anyway, our plan is to meet again on Wed. night at Caribou to knot. Hope to see everyone there!

And, as I always say - we miss you VV and Mims. And VV - you haven't posted since Thur. or Fri. Where are you?


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