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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Advice needed

Not much knitting progress because Amelia has had pneumonia. We are talking six days of utter hell. She didn't sleep for six nights. Plus, there were the high fevers, the vomiting, the sad little sick eyes, the 5,000 doctor visits, the chest X-ray, etc. But I do need some advice on the ribbon shell. I'm about halfway through the second half, and I fear that it's coming out bigger than the first. My gauge looks looser to me, but I just can't tell for sure. I've tried lying them on top of one another, and it seems like the second one might be wider and a bit longer, but it's so hard to tell because it's still on the needles and they're stockinette, so the edges are rolling. I also tried measuring gauge on both, and they seemed to be about the same, but I find measuring gauge to be wildly inaccurate. I've measured terribly inaccurately before.

What would you do? Should I go forward on faith? Or should I put all the live stitches on scrap yarn, block both pieces and see how it's looking? I'm afraid to finish the whole second half and find out that it's three inches wider. But that blocking plan sounds like a hell of a lot of effort. If I do block, would you recommend steam blocking or wet blocking? (It's Calmer.) Please advise!


Blogger vv said...

i would go ahead and block it, using the steam iron method.

i think once you block it, you'll know what to do then.

1:39 PM


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