Or how to keep in touch with your best knitwits when you live 3,000 miles away from them

Friday, July 28, 2006

stupid computers

blogger did not want to upload photos last night and the night before, and with all my various attempts i forgot the photo i wanted to post most of all. i finally made the 2 ply yarn. i think it's way over-plied, or maybe it's the singles that are over-spun. i have no earthly idea if i'm using the right terms here. anyway, here it is:

the 2nd bobbin of singles for made me pretty happy because i was getting it a lot finer and it was relatively consistent. (the emphasis in the previous sentence would be on "relatively.")

vv, common sense makes me think that the more twist i put in the singles, the more twist i should put in the plies to make it balance. is that right? all of the pound of white wool i bought when i started is now spun. there is about 1/3 of a bobbin of singles left. i'm thinking about making a double ply using that and the light green wool you gave me.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

sorry i've been so silent for so long ...

the photos of the hike are so gorgeous. i really need to get out there. al and i are going camping with some friends this weekend near mt. ranier, and all i'm taking project-wise is the kristin nicholas steeking bag. i think i've been using the dyeing as an excuse not to finish the bag. the pattern isn't particularly difficult, which is why i'm dragging my feet a bit.

i'm going to talk about this in my other blog, but when i told sundara about how i dyed the yarn, she totally put her hands in her head and asked 'what were you THINKING?'

she did all these calculations, and sent me home with some dye to sample on about 20 grams of yarn.

sheesh. but she's genius, and somebody probably should have stopped me earlier.

by the way, i think i can get a t-shirt or something made with the clockwork orange angry girl on it through cafe press, so if anyone wants one, take a look at the stuff and let me know what, 'cause i'm making a high resolution version of her just for that purpose.

Knitting Heaven!!

I've gotta have some of these needles. They light up! Kpixie has some but they're not the same and the cost is more than twice that of these. I've found them on a couple of other site but the price is the same $15.95 but this site has the cheapest price for the replacement batteries - $2.95. Patternworks wants $7.95 for the replacement batteries! The link is: http://laknitterieparisienne.com/Knit_Lite.html
I mean, think of the possibilities! I'm imagining going to a movie that I really want to see, alone, without kids, and having my knitting with me. Oh my gosh! I could go to the Rialto and drink beer and watch a movie and knit! I think I'm having some sort of out-of-body experience just thinking about it!

Oh and another thing - I talked to VV yesterday! Nonny nonny boo boo! Aren't you jealous? You've got to check out her post at her blog - the one with the "angry little asian girl". Printed it out and showed it to Julie last night at Caribou and she was laughing out loud! I've got to have the "angry little asian girl" with the head of beautiful multi-dyed yarns on something I own - a bag, a t-shirt - something!

Check it all out.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

i got your pictures right here

before i get to the fibers, a week and a half ago joe, sarah (my sister) and i did one of my all-time favorite hikes, mirror lake. it's only about 4 miles (the 1st 2 are up, then you turn around and head down) but all of it is gorgeous. at the top of the trail there is a little lake that gives you a great reflection of mount hood when you're standing on the right side. i only took a point-and-shoot, so the lake pics are over exposed, but here are a couple from the trail that turned out a little bit better:

back to fiber related stuff, here's the bag that i got last week and the new lys.

and here is the yarn i bought a couple weeks before that at a fabulous sale at a different lys. the color of the rosey yarn is pretty off. in real life it's more earthy. and i just noticed a couple days ago that the skeins do not match at all. one of them has a really dark color in it that is no where at in the other. oh well. they are destined to be my first lace shawl.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Fun Was Had By All!

Julie and Kristen and I knit at Caribou on Sunday. It was packed! Normally it's fairly empty but it was crazy this past Sunday. Kristin's plugging away at her Calmer tank. I know the color will be beautiful on her. And the most amazing part of the day? Julie actually brought a knitting project for herself! It's the tank that she was working on months ago out of the beautiful multicolored ribbon yarn. If you remember, she's knit the pattern before but this time she's trying to knit it in the round. I have the yarn for the darn pattern. Bought it last year to make one for Nicole. Of course it's still sitting in a container - languishing. Sent the Diamond Fantasy shawl pattern to Mims - along with a rectangular one I just purchased. Let me know if anyone else would like a copy. And Mims, don't forget to post a picture of the yarn. I'm dying to see it!

Anyway, our plan is to meet again on Wed. night at Caribou to knot. Hope to see everyone there!

And, as I always say - we miss you VV and Mims. And VV - you haven't posted since Thur. or Fri. Where are you?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

i also love the carpenters. i only know a couple of songs (they were favorites of some counselors at summer camp when i was a kid), but they're great to torture my husband with on long drives.

and bev, can you hook me up with the new shawl pattern from a couple of posts ago? one of my lys had the big summer sale a couple weeks ago and i bought over 1300 yards (in just 2 skeins) of the most beautiful blue moon yarn. it peru in the colorway ruby slippers. it's 100% alpaca. i could just sit and pet the skein for hours...

and speaking of lys, i can't believe it, but i found yet another one on monday. it apparently opened back in february. i haven't even been out to the suburbs and i've now found 7 different stores and my boss (who doesn't knit) was telling me about another one this week. craziness. i bought a bag at the store i found on monday. it's woven and has a really thick strap so it's comfy. i'm using it as a purse. and the owner gave a 10% discount and a really cute beaded stitch marker. i have no idea why, but i'll take it!

and someone hook me up with the address of ross' blog. i've got to get into the loop here. everyone in raleigh, have a great time knitting at caribou, i wish i could be there with y'all!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Okay, Caribou on Sunday at 2'ish!

I figured this might be the best way to let Kristin know that Julie and I are going to be at Caribou on Sunday. I'm also going to e-mail her but she might not get the e-mail this late. Don't suppose you Marcy - or you Arati - would like to join us? Of course Arati - I've been keeping my eye on Ross' blog and I know that you've been very, very busy. Don't suppose you hit any of the many yarn stores in New York did you?

Of course VV and Mims - we'd love to have you join us. Seems so normal typing that but then I realize that you're so very, very far away. "Long Ago, and oh so far away, I fell in love with you before the second show. Your guitar it sounds so sweet and clear, but you're not really hear....." Okay, okay, I'll shut up. It's a Carpenter song. Don't suppose any of you young'ens remember The Carpenters? Hell, every wedding I went to between 1974 and 1980 had "We've Only Just Begun" played at it. Okay, so where in the hell am I going with this ramble? I have no idea. I think I'm just excited about having a weekend and being able to knit more than I'm able to on weeknights.

I'll shut up now. If I don't talk to you or see you - have a great weekend girls!

Oh! I have a CHristopher story. This is a clear indication that the child watches too much TV. He likes to swim under the rope, at the pool, over the deep end. The other day he went to the rope and grabbed it and right before he went under the water to get to the other side he looked at us and said, very dramatically and seriously "Please - tell my family I love them". I mean I suppose that the big death scene. Anyway, have a great weekend.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oh Kristin - Do Forgive Us!

I am so sorry! Evidently with all the e-mails yesterday I failed to let Kristin know that Julie and I were definitely going to go to Caribou. Hopefully we can get together this Sunday. I really don't have anything great to say on the knitting front. I need to learn how to put pictures on the blog. I have the digital camera but Alex has failed to give me the class on "How to Download (Upload?) Digital Photos to Your Blog 101". I mean, she's setting up blogs and websites for her friends but she can't find the time to work her Mom into her busy schedule!

What I can do is pass along a few great patterns I've found. This is a great "one skein" project - or two - depending on your needles, etc. It's http://yummyyarn.indus3ous.com/patterns/MJG_Liesel.pdf. Okay, I love this scarf and it says it's a "rib lace" pattern. Does anyone recognize this pattern? I'm wondering what stitch pattern is because it seems crazy to have to order the pattern. I do so love it though: http://www.morehousefarm.com/KnittingKits/LaceShawls/RibScarf/. If you can't get to it from here (those Morehouse Merino people are tricky with their website) just go to Morehousemerino.com and look over on the left for lace shawls. Also free mitten pattern at www.kategilbert.com. http://www.kategilbert.com/mittenscarves.html. Click on "Gifted" and the patterns free.

Anyway, that's it for me. Julie and I had a wonderful time knitting at Caribou. She finishied the braided scarf and it's the neatest thing! Of course, rather than knitting for herself she's started on another one. She's a gift knitting machine!

Hope to talk to you all soon.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wish I had something exciting to say but...

...just the usual. Just looking forward to a night out of the house to knit! Marcy can't knit tonight and I believe Arati might be in New York (love Ross' blog by the way! Guess I'm one of the Ross Groupies now). Kristin and Todd have gotten a couple of hours of uninterrupted sleep the last night or two because they've tried the "let 'em cry it out for a litle while" technique. It's the heart wrenching technique that we've all tried at some point - some with success and some with the "I can't stand it! I've got to pick them up!" ending. I'm hoping that we'll see Kristin tonight but haven't heard yet. For now Julie and I are going to meet at Caribou. Looks like Julie is officialy finished with her holiday knitting. She's started back on one of the unfinished tanks.

Okay, let me see. I've really gotten hooked on checking VV's "other" blog and clicking on the other knitters blog links that she's got there. I swear, there must be hundreds or knitting blogs out there!

Oh!! I know what I can tell you. I've tempted Julie with yet another knitted food item. You've got to check this out at the pieknits blog: http://pieknits.com/pattern.html. It's amazing! Yep, I'm an enabler! Julie is probably looking through her stash for the right color as we speak!

Okay, that's it for me. Trying to finish my Koigu shawl from the Wendy Knits book so that I can start on my newest shawl obsession - the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. I reaad so many good things about it (the Yarn Harlot made it too) that I had to order and download it. And of course - always willing to share!

Miss you VV and Mims!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

sorry i haven't written in a while...

i kept putting it off, thinking i'd take a picture of some of the stuff in progress tomorrow, but i'd never remember to do it during daylight hours. tonight i said screw it and took a pic with the crappy flash and crappy inside light. on the left is a navajo plied skein i spun from some blue wool that vv gave me. on the right is a scarf that shows up particularly poorly in this photo. it's knit from blue moon loop in a diagonal pattern that was exactly what the scarf needed to not be too boring to knit.

i also started working on the cardigan from knit and tonic again. i finally got past the point where you seperate out the stitches for the arms. this sweater may or may not be finished by this time next year... in spinning news the piece the connects the treddle and footman broke on my wheel and i repaired it, feeling ridiculously proud of myself. and i'm almost done with the white wool that i bought a pound of when i first started. i'm going to make my first 2 ply. one of the bobins of singles is done and the other is more than half way.

in non-knitting news, i'm about to have a nervous breakdown about putting a new sewer line from the house to the main. we've talked to 5 different plumbers and none of them say the same thing. i, obviously, have no damn idea what-so-ever. the inlaw visit was actually a lot of fun, just a little stressful. i have the best mother in law ever. not one comment about the state of housekeeping (or lack there of) in my house. and she professed to love everything i cook that week.

what's everybody else up to?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Advice needed

Not much knitting progress because Amelia has had pneumonia. We are talking six days of utter hell. She didn't sleep for six nights. Plus, there were the high fevers, the vomiting, the sad little sick eyes, the 5,000 doctor visits, the chest X-ray, etc. But I do need some advice on the ribbon shell. I'm about halfway through the second half, and I fear that it's coming out bigger than the first. My gauge looks looser to me, but I just can't tell for sure. I've tried lying them on top of one another, and it seems like the second one might be wider and a bit longer, but it's so hard to tell because it's still on the needles and they're stockinette, so the edges are rolling. I also tried measuring gauge on both, and they seemed to be about the same, but I find measuring gauge to be wildly inaccurate. I've measured terribly inaccurately before.

What would you do? Should I go forward on faith? Or should I put all the live stitches on scrap yarn, block both pieces and see how it's looking? I'm afraid to finish the whole second half and find out that it's three inches wider. But that blocking plan sounds like a hell of a lot of effort. If I do block, would you recommend steam blocking or wet blocking? (It's Calmer.) Please advise!