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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup!!!

Woo .... Woo WOO

Okay, now for knitting related stuff...

I got back from vacation and the other blog got like five times as many hits as it was getting before. I was shocked. Then I read Sundara's blog and she gave me a plug and just like that all these wonderful strangers were reading my ramblings. This blog stuff is crazy.

Anyways, as I said I was in Chicago and I managed to make it to a yarn shop and they had the most kick-ass yarn. 'Road to China' from The Fiber Company. Mims, this is the same yarn company that makes the yarn I bought at Lint when I was with you in Portland. I found out that it's a mill, a small one, but I love what they are doing. I wonder if I could get them to process some fiber for me.

Beverly, I'm sorry about the whole cape thing. I always get confused when reading a chart too. You do read the chart bottom to top, right to left for the first row, left to right for the second row, and so on and so on. The way I try and think of it is it is exactly the way you would knit. You start with the bottom of the garment, and you knit from the right to the left and then you would turn the work, so you would then be knitting from left to right.


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