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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

vv, i love your sketch. and for the record, i knew it was a necklace before you said so!

i think i'm done with the dishclothes for a little bit. i gave my dad 3 for father's day. (i am not exagerating when i say that EVERY time i've asked him what he'd like for his birthday or christmas for the last 5 years he has responded ((now imagine a somewhat gruff, slightly gravely voice talking a little too loudly)) "i don't want anything. just draw me a nice picture.") the dishclothes were a hit. i meant to take a picture of them all together saturday, but of course i forgot. one was a log cabin from 2 different blues and a white yarn. one was a pie crust basketwave from vk's stitchionary in one of the blues and the last was the stitchionary's mesh patttern 1 in the other blue yarn. now all that is left to do is convince him to actually use them to wash the dishes. he was protesting that they were too nice looking and he didn't want to get them dirty. must. use. the. handknits. i would like to see them get as dirty as possible so i can just knit more every father's day and i will know what to get (or make) for him that he'll really like for atleast one holiday every year.

and in other knitting news, i am working on a new convert. on wednesday i taught lisa's friend bridy to knit. one day, we will rule the world!

and speaking of ruling the world, has anyone seen ann coulter on tv? that is one scary bitch. our living editor wrote what is possibily the best cutline i've ever read for a mug shot of ann that was running with a story about her book. i don't remember the exact wording but the gist of it was asking if she was planning on attacking puppies next. i saw her on jay leno last week and the audience seemed to have been hand picked by her people, it was really frightening to hear people cheering for the shit she said. the 9-11 widows she beats up on aside, what terrified me the most was the audience cheering when she was refering things like global warming as the equivalent of a myth. scary. for someone to have that large of a soapbox and that much influence on half the country, and not to be able to recognize between the bible and global warming, which one is actually scientifically-proven fact. sigh.


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