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Friday, June 09, 2006

tag - i'm it!

bev, i know what you mean, i love vv's posts with all the pics, but nothing i'm doing ever feels ready to photograph. and i've been thinking about posting for days, but don't feel like i have enough to say... but i started spinning some of the blue wool vv gave me when she visited and i love it. it is so easy, it's so grabby. it definitely feels like i'm spinning a little more consistently with it. i'd say i've got about 3/4 of bobin done so far. knitting-wise i've spent the past couple days mostly on a scribble lace scarf from mason dixon that is destined for my mother.

in non-knitting news the copeland bed and breakfast had some more guests last weekend, one of my sister-in-laws and one of her sons. (jennifer and miles.) miles is 4. so of course we hit the zoo. his favorite animal there was the fruit bat. i have no earthly idea why. mine was the polar bear. the sad news is that we made it to not one single yarn store while jen was here, despite the fact that she's a knitter. those 4-year-olds can be quite a handful. i don't think he would have stood for a yarn store in the 3 short days they had here. and because it's the only one downloaded from the camera, here's a picture of bridal veil falls in the columbia gorge from when andrea and drew were here a couple weeks ago.


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