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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Okay, Somebody's Gotta Blog. Might as well be me!

I look every day. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day - to see if anyone has blogged. Not a soul in days! Why not me? Probably because I don't have pictures and it's always so much more fun with pictures. I have a digital camera - that I bought before we went to Maryland but have I used it? Nooooo. Okay, so once but I took the picture too large and I haven't used it since. Plus, I lost my brand new memory card in the room in Maryland. And those things aren't cheap. Anyway, once I figure out how to use it and get another memory card, maybe I can post some pictures. Then again, once you get me started with something - no telling how obsessed I'll get. If it's anything like my obsession with knitting and yarn and knitting books - well - I'll be posting photos of yarn and perhaps people off the street.

Hmmm. Last night we met at Marcy's adorable cottage (that's how I think of it). VV, I passed out the pattern copies that you sent. Thank you! Julie showed off all of the many Christmas/Holiday gifts that's she's already finished. At the end of June her self-imposed Christmas knitting period will be over and she can officially (again, self-imposed) start knitting whatever the hell she pleases!!!!! Julie, I'm thinking that we should celebrate at the beginning of July.

Ooh, I tasted the best "non" beer last night. At first I was thinking - hey - this isn't knit related but yes it is. Drinking in any form is knit related. It goes hand in hand whether it's alcohol, coffee, iced tea, etc. Anywayyy. I was telling Marcy about how I'll get home and crave a cold beer but then I get about half way through it and it makes me so darn sleepy. Mary gave me a MARKE "CLAUSTHALER" non-alcoholic beer. I am not kidding. This stuff tastes exactly like beer and one of the best by the way. You gotta try it! And thank you Marcy.

Maryc's working frantically (well maybe not frantically) on her book. She's got some great projects in the making. Plus, Ben's sweater is coming along swimmingly. I'm still working on the Koigu "Wendy" Grapes of Wrath shawl. I love it. I've also started on the intarsia part of Christopher's hero cape. Of course Julie reminded me of the "Dragon" sweaters with the intarsia that we were both so adamant about starting - LAST SUMMMER! Well, we still have the yarn and the pattern and we were going to make the largest size anyway, so we have at least another year.

Well, that's it. It's somebody else's turn.


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