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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Oh VV the pictures of the trip are beautiful!

Sounds like the trip was glorious! Sweet Lilly. Looks like she had fun too. Of cousre you didn't mention anything about perhaps wrapping yourself in whipped cream and yarn - you know - since it was your anniversary and all!

Knitting is going well here in Raleigh. Julie has already started on the cashmere square that the two of us are knitting (part of our cashmere afghan club membership). We're sort of knitting them out of order because some of those suckers are really complicated and not much fun. The booklet is the Knitters "Aran" squares booklet and I"m not a huge "Aran" knitting fan. The one's we're going to knot, have some beautiful cables so I'm excited about the end product - a cashmere afghan! I've been knitting fast and furious on my Koigu shawl and haven't made much progress on Christopher's hero cape. Arati has finished one (or did she say two?) of the Xtreme Knitting's dinosaurs for Ross. I need to ask her if they were easy. I need to whip something up quick for Christopher since I'm taking so darn long on the hero cape.

Oh, VV and all, I just purchased the newest pattern (CeCe) on Bonnie Marie Burns site - chicknits - http://www.chicknits.com/catalog/cece.html. I'll send you the pattern VV and anyone else that wants a copy. Just let me know.

VV, the skein you gave me of Sundara's yarn. I think I'm going to try and purchase some more of the same color. I realize that they'll be different dye lots but I noticed that she has the same color mentioned. I figure if I jump between skeins while knitting then hopefully, the different dye lots won't matter. What do you think? I'm not in a hurry but I'm going to keep my eye on her site. I just love her yarn!

Gotta run. I'll post some more soon.


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