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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Oh Mims and VV - I so, so wish you two were still here

I don't think everyone knows what they're missing by not reading and responding to the blog every day. When you guys post I feel like you're still here. Plus, it's such a great way to keep up with what we're all doing. I hate it when you finally talk to someone after 6 months and it takes so damn long to catch up that you just sort of give up. I love hearing about what you're doing, your families, and Mims - your opinion on "that woman". I saw her on TV the other day and all I could think to say, out loud, was "that woman is insane!" Alex said "Wow Mom. You feel pretty strong about her don't you." Crazy woman.

Anyway, about the darn hero cape. I've been be-bopping along with the intarsia chart and realized that I had it going upside down. I just don't get it. I had to rip all of the intarsia out and now I need to start again. I've just got to figure out how to get it right. You're knitting from the neck of the cape down and the picture/chart shows the lightening bolt just as it appears on the back of the cape. So I figured if I started from the bottom of the chart it wouldn't come out right but by starting from the top it was going in the right direction but was reversed - like in a mirror. i'm thinking that I started on the wrong side. Don't you start from left to right and then right to left? Maybe I started out wrong.

I have this urge to go visit a bed and breakfast that's on a sheep farm. I did find one fairly close by that has sheep and handmilled soaps. Alex doesn't find it very appealing though. She wants to go to the beach for at least one night. I absolutely adore the beach so I'd actually like to do both. Damn that thing called money!

Anyway, I just had a minute. I'll write more soon. I need to get started on a baby blanket and I keep thinking of that one that Marcy was finishing up when I first met you guys. It was made out of that "Thick and Quick" I think and then she crocheted on a border. The colors were great. I wonder if Great Yarns stil carries that yarn? Anyway, keep writing you guys!


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