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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Knitting at Caribou

Julie and I knitted at Caribou Coffee last night. Just our lonesome twosome. Unfortunately I never heard back from Arati (missed you!) and Marcy was on vacation and little Amelia is sick. However, a good time was had by all - well - by the two of us! The atmosphere is wonderful and the chairs are comfy. Okay - I'll admit it - there are no kids harrassing me so that's the main drawing point. Of course Julie is convinced that they're going to end up closing because every time she finds a place that's great it ends up closing. Hmmmm. It was a bit empty last night.

Julie's doing a swell job on her first Cashmere square. You know - the one for the cashmere afghan - in the Cashmere Club - that I got her to join with me. Me - the girl who got her cashmere in the mail first - who hasn't knitted a single friggin' stitch of the first cashmere square! I'm ashamed of myself. I really want to get this darn hero cape finished though. Once I get finished with the intarsia lightening bolt it will be smooth sailing. It's been great intarsia practice and believe me - it's pretty sloppy work - but the good thing is it's going ot Christopher and he'll love whatever I make him. That's the glory or knitting for kids! However, I think that it's encouraged Julie and I to finally get started on the dinosaur sweaters for Chris and David. It's about time!

Okay, so that's it for now. Oh. One more thing. We were talking last night about the rubber stitch markers that we love - the purple and lime green ones. Great Yarns never, ever has them in. I got mine, in the past, somewhere online. Finally remembered where. Nobleknits.com They have the small/medium purple and lime green for $4.75 a batch and the jumbo teal and tangerine for $5.25.

Come on. Write girls!


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