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Friday, June 09, 2006

i'm here too!!!

sorry i haven't been posting, Al and I just got back from Lopez Island, which is part of the San Juans. You know, when Al and I used to go to Ocracoke, our little house had cable tv and there was a little place you could go and use the internet. Not Lopez, or 'Slopez' as some locals deem it. It was like we were back in 1994. Sheesh.

However it did allow me to do some hard core knitting. So if you all ever come up to Seattle for a visit, we should head to Lopez, because, 1.) there isn't a whole lot going on, but there are really beautiful sunsets and 2.) there are sheep.

I'm so used to Carolina, with very distinct areas. You know, the mountains are to the west, the farmland is in the middle and the beaches are to the east. Here everything is mixed up, so you have some mountains, some forest, some beach (although, really it's just a small pile of sand) all thrown in.

by the way, i'm on someone's blog domesticat
you have to go Monday, June 5th's entry, but that's me. I feel so semi-famous. Not quite Clay Aiken's level, but maybe like the William Huang.

beverly, i didn't know you lost your memory card? i just have a 256m and it holds about 96 photos and i don't think they are terribly expensive.

i just like hearing what you are all up to, no need for photos, also no need to keep it to just knitting. i really don't want to be this standard for you guys.

mims, there is this big fiber festival in eugene oregon the weekend of the 23. i thought i was going to be out of town that weekend, but it turns out i'm free. i was told it's on the scale of maryland. you should definitely check it out. i'm thinking about it, but with all the traveling lately, i might not be able to make it


Anonymous Pia Dieter said...

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7:25 PM

Blogger mims said...

i noticed the listing for the eugene festival in spinning magazine, but that is the weekend my inlaws (mother, father and grandfather) arrive, so i don't think i'm allowed to roadtrip that weekend. hopefully next year...

and that cashmere you spun is gorgeous. why didn't you give her your year in stitches blog address?

1:02 AM

Blogger Beverly said...

Those memory cards are not cheap. I got the one I had in Maryland on sale at Target for $28. They're evidently about $35 or $40 otherwise. Guess that's not horrible but when trying to fit it into the budget it looks like a lot. Do have to get one though. Evidently my camera doesn't hold much without it so I haven't even learned how to use it properly.

7:08 AM


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