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Friday, June 02, 2006

I got in! Blogspot actually remembered me!

Hi. Mims thanks for missing me because it prompted me to see if I could still get in without sending 10 e-mails to blogspot asking for my login and password.

Anyway! I've been checking VV's blog and thoroughly enjoying it. Of course what happens is I see the mention she's made of blogs she enjoys and I think "oooh, I don't recognize that one" and I click on it and on that blog I see the blogs that they like to read and I say again "ooh, I don't recognize that one" and I end up in endless blogland! However, that's the way I've found all the neat free patterns and other pattern ideas to drool over.

I'm working on the shawl from Wendy Knits with all the Koigu millends I scored in Maryland. I just love that stuff! I'm also working on Christopher's hero cape. Finally got the author (Vicki Howell) of that book (I believe it's "Alterknits") to e-mail me with corrections to the pattern and I was very impressed that she actually e-mailed about a week later to see how it was going. It's an adorable pattern - although I have to say - "Vicki, honey, very poorly written". I'm using the Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton.

VV, I'm thinking that I'll keep accepting any free sock yarn you offer up and since I don't knit socks I might just put it all together and start knitting a scarf or shawl form it. What the heck that they're not all the same color. If the colors are at all similar I could come up with something fabulous - from VV yarn!

Anyway, that's about it. Julie and I signed up for the Hunt Valley Cashmere "Cashmere Square of the Month" club. YOu pay $22 a month for a skein of cashmere to make a sqaure for an afghan. The first month it's $32 because they send you a great booklet of "Knitter's Magazine" afghan squares. They suggest which square to make each month and in the end you have a cashmere afghan! Julie's still waiting for her first month shipment and as soon as she gets it we'll get started. I figure I can knit one square a month. Some of the patterns look so difficult to me though but I figure this will be an easy way to conquer a new technique.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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