Or how to keep in touch with your best knitwits when you live 3,000 miles away from them

Friday, June 30, 2006


sorry i've been so quiet, someone borrowed my camera cable and most of my ramblings need visuals, so that's my excuse.

what you see over to the left is the six-year-old interweave knits steeked bag. i think the lavender is okay, and i've made a few mistakes, but, suprisingly, i haven't gone back to fixed them. i think it's because i know the real goal of this is to get to the cutting of the knitting. (*argh)

i'll be talking about the steeking on the other blog, but i thought i show you girls first, and take a moment to look how pretty it is now, before i hack it all to pieces.

in. laws. in. town. will. write. later.
i. miss. y'all.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Knitting at Caribou

Julie and I knitted at Caribou Coffee last night. Just our lonesome twosome. Unfortunately I never heard back from Arati (missed you!) and Marcy was on vacation and little Amelia is sick. However, a good time was had by all - well - by the two of us! The atmosphere is wonderful and the chairs are comfy. Okay - I'll admit it - there are no kids harrassing me so that's the main drawing point. Of course Julie is convinced that they're going to end up closing because every time she finds a place that's great it ends up closing. Hmmmm. It was a bit empty last night.

Julie's doing a swell job on her first Cashmere square. You know - the one for the cashmere afghan - in the Cashmere Club - that I got her to join with me. Me - the girl who got her cashmere in the mail first - who hasn't knitted a single friggin' stitch of the first cashmere square! I'm ashamed of myself. I really want to get this darn hero cape finished though. Once I get finished with the intarsia lightening bolt it will be smooth sailing. It's been great intarsia practice and believe me - it's pretty sloppy work - but the good thing is it's going ot Christopher and he'll love whatever I make him. That's the glory or knitting for kids! However, I think that it's encouraged Julie and I to finally get started on the dinosaur sweaters for Chris and David. It's about time!

Okay, so that's it for now. Oh. One more thing. We were talking last night about the rubber stitch markers that we love - the purple and lime green ones. Great Yarns never, ever has them in. I got mine, in the past, somewhere online. Finally remembered where. Nobleknits.com They have the small/medium purple and lime green for $4.75 a batch and the jumbo teal and tangerine for $5.25.

Come on. Write girls!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup!!!

Woo .... Woo WOO

Okay, now for knitting related stuff...

I got back from vacation and the other blog got like five times as many hits as it was getting before. I was shocked. Then I read Sundara's blog and she gave me a plug and just like that all these wonderful strangers were reading my ramblings. This blog stuff is crazy.

Anyways, as I said I was in Chicago and I managed to make it to a yarn shop and they had the most kick-ass yarn. 'Road to China' from The Fiber Company. Mims, this is the same yarn company that makes the yarn I bought at Lint when I was with you in Portland. I found out that it's a mill, a small one, but I love what they are doing. I wonder if I could get them to process some fiber for me.

Beverly, I'm sorry about the whole cape thing. I always get confused when reading a chart too. You do read the chart bottom to top, right to left for the first row, left to right for the second row, and so on and so on. The way I try and think of it is it is exactly the way you would knit. You start with the bottom of the garment, and you knit from the right to the left and then you would turn the work, so you would then be knitting from left to right.

Oh Mims and VV - I so, so wish you two were still here

I don't think everyone knows what they're missing by not reading and responding to the blog every day. When you guys post I feel like you're still here. Plus, it's such a great way to keep up with what we're all doing. I hate it when you finally talk to someone after 6 months and it takes so damn long to catch up that you just sort of give up. I love hearing about what you're doing, your families, and Mims - your opinion on "that woman". I saw her on TV the other day and all I could think to say, out loud, was "that woman is insane!" Alex said "Wow Mom. You feel pretty strong about her don't you." Crazy woman.

Anyway, about the darn hero cape. I've been be-bopping along with the intarsia chart and realized that I had it going upside down. I just don't get it. I had to rip all of the intarsia out and now I need to start again. I've just got to figure out how to get it right. You're knitting from the neck of the cape down and the picture/chart shows the lightening bolt just as it appears on the back of the cape. So I figured if I started from the bottom of the chart it wouldn't come out right but by starting from the top it was going in the right direction but was reversed - like in a mirror. i'm thinking that I started on the wrong side. Don't you start from left to right and then right to left? Maybe I started out wrong.

I have this urge to go visit a bed and breakfast that's on a sheep farm. I did find one fairly close by that has sheep and handmilled soaps. Alex doesn't find it very appealing though. She wants to go to the beach for at least one night. I absolutely adore the beach so I'd actually like to do both. Damn that thing called money!

Anyway, I just had a minute. I'll write more soon. I need to get started on a baby blanket and I keep thinking of that one that Marcy was finishing up when I first met you guys. It was made out of that "Thick and Quick" I think and then she crocheted on a border. The colors were great. I wonder if Great Yarns stil carries that yarn? Anyway, keep writing you guys!

vv, i love your sketch. and for the record, i knew it was a necklace before you said so!

i think i'm done with the dishclothes for a little bit. i gave my dad 3 for father's day. (i am not exagerating when i say that EVERY time i've asked him what he'd like for his birthday or christmas for the last 5 years he has responded ((now imagine a somewhat gruff, slightly gravely voice talking a little too loudly)) "i don't want anything. just draw me a nice picture.") the dishclothes were a hit. i meant to take a picture of them all together saturday, but of course i forgot. one was a log cabin from 2 different blues and a white yarn. one was a pie crust basketwave from vk's stitchionary in one of the blues and the last was the stitchionary's mesh patttern 1 in the other blue yarn. now all that is left to do is convince him to actually use them to wash the dishes. he was protesting that they were too nice looking and he didn't want to get them dirty. must. use. the. handknits. i would like to see them get as dirty as possible so i can just knit more every father's day and i will know what to get (or make) for him that he'll really like for atleast one holiday every year.

and in other knitting news, i am working on a new convert. on wednesday i taught lisa's friend bridy to knit. one day, we will rule the world!

and speaking of ruling the world, has anyone seen ann coulter on tv? that is one scary bitch. our living editor wrote what is possibily the best cutline i've ever read for a mug shot of ann that was running with a story about her book. i don't remember the exact wording but the gist of it was asking if she was planning on attacking puppies next. i saw her on jay leno last week and the audience seemed to have been hand picked by her people, it was really frightening to hear people cheering for the shit she said. the 9-11 widows she beats up on aside, what terrified me the most was the audience cheering when she was refering things like global warming as the equivalent of a myth. scary. for someone to have that large of a soapbox and that much influence on half the country, and not to be able to recognize between the bible and global warming, which one is actually scientifically-proven fact. sigh.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

i'm so lame, i forgot to tell you guys it's suppose to be a necklace

sorry about that. I don't know if Interweave will even want it, but I thought I'd try anyway. The basic construction is a bunch of i-cords, and the little round things are suppose to represent beads. I need to iron out a bunch of things, but even if none of the mags want it, i'll probably post it on the other blog.

What is that?

VV, what is that thing? Whatever it is, it is really cool looking. I have absolutely no idea how you would go about knitting it. It would be so cool if you got into Interweave. Please let us know first thing when you hear back.

I'm benefitting from Beverly's generosity right now. I'm knitting a tank from Calmer that she gave me. That's right, Beverly gave me Calmer. I really need to start doing some giving back to all you generous people. I have all kinds of things I want to knit right now, but it's just not happening. I'm going through a phase where I often feel so tired and burnt out that I don't even feel like knitting. I just want to lie on the couch and do nothing. Don't know why. Do you all ever go through stages like that?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

No whip cream happened this past week

just so you guys know.
I can't wait to see the cashmere afghan. It sounds so lucious. I should get my act together and spin the rest of the cashmere I got from Maryland.

Beverly, I think Sundara can make something close, but maybe you could propose a trade with one of the girls. Since you're going to buy a skein anyway, maybe you could let someone choose a color and trade for their matching skein. Just a thought, I'm sure Sundara can come up with something close. She's a genius.

Well the only news I really have is that I sent a proposal to Interweave Knits. So cross your fingers. It used the Tilli Tomas Rock Star beaded silk that I posted a pic of earlier. If I was smart, I would have taken a picture of it before I sent it off, but here's the sketch I included.

Oh VV the pictures of the trip are beautiful!

Sounds like the trip was glorious! Sweet Lilly. Looks like she had fun too. Of cousre you didn't mention anything about perhaps wrapping yourself in whipped cream and yarn - you know - since it was your anniversary and all!

Knitting is going well here in Raleigh. Julie has already started on the cashmere square that the two of us are knitting (part of our cashmere afghan club membership). We're sort of knitting them out of order because some of those suckers are really complicated and not much fun. The booklet is the Knitters "Aran" squares booklet and I"m not a huge "Aran" knitting fan. The one's we're going to knot, have some beautiful cables so I'm excited about the end product - a cashmere afghan! I've been knitting fast and furious on my Koigu shawl and haven't made much progress on Christopher's hero cape. Arati has finished one (or did she say two?) of the Xtreme Knitting's dinosaurs for Ross. I need to ask her if they were easy. I need to whip something up quick for Christopher since I'm taking so darn long on the hero cape.

Oh, VV and all, I just purchased the newest pattern (CeCe) on Bonnie Marie Burns site - chicknits - http://www.chicknits.com/catalog/cece.html. I'll send you the pattern VV and anyone else that wants a copy. Just let me know.

VV, the skein you gave me of Sundara's yarn. I think I'm going to try and purchase some more of the same color. I realize that they'll be different dye lots but I noticed that she has the same color mentioned. I figure if I jump between skeins while knitting then hopefully, the different dye lots won't matter. What do you think? I'm not in a hurry but I'm going to keep my eye on her site. I just love her yarn!

Gotta run. I'll post some more soon.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

beverly, does your camera use an SD card?

if it does, I can give you a 256 meg card.

let me know.

i downloaded photos of our trip from work (and i'm at home right now) so check out them out on the other blog. i'll post different photos on this blog when i get to work.

Friday, June 09, 2006

i'm here too!!!

sorry i haven't been posting, Al and I just got back from Lopez Island, which is part of the San Juans. You know, when Al and I used to go to Ocracoke, our little house had cable tv and there was a little place you could go and use the internet. Not Lopez, or 'Slopez' as some locals deem it. It was like we were back in 1994. Sheesh.

However it did allow me to do some hard core knitting. So if you all ever come up to Seattle for a visit, we should head to Lopez, because, 1.) there isn't a whole lot going on, but there are really beautiful sunsets and 2.) there are sheep.

I'm so used to Carolina, with very distinct areas. You know, the mountains are to the west, the farmland is in the middle and the beaches are to the east. Here everything is mixed up, so you have some mountains, some forest, some beach (although, really it's just a small pile of sand) all thrown in.

by the way, i'm on someone's blog domesticat
you have to go Monday, June 5th's entry, but that's me. I feel so semi-famous. Not quite Clay Aiken's level, but maybe like the William Huang.

beverly, i didn't know you lost your memory card? i just have a 256m and it holds about 96 photos and i don't think they are terribly expensive.

i just like hearing what you are all up to, no need for photos, also no need to keep it to just knitting. i really don't want to be this standard for you guys.

mims, there is this big fiber festival in eugene oregon the weekend of the 23. i thought i was going to be out of town that weekend, but it turns out i'm free. i was told it's on the scale of maryland. you should definitely check it out. i'm thinking about it, but with all the traveling lately, i might not be able to make it

tag - i'm it!

bev, i know what you mean, i love vv's posts with all the pics, but nothing i'm doing ever feels ready to photograph. and i've been thinking about posting for days, but don't feel like i have enough to say... but i started spinning some of the blue wool vv gave me when she visited and i love it. it is so easy, it's so grabby. it definitely feels like i'm spinning a little more consistently with it. i'd say i've got about 3/4 of bobin done so far. knitting-wise i've spent the past couple days mostly on a scribble lace scarf from mason dixon that is destined for my mother.

in non-knitting news the copeland bed and breakfast had some more guests last weekend, one of my sister-in-laws and one of her sons. (jennifer and miles.) miles is 4. so of course we hit the zoo. his favorite animal there was the fruit bat. i have no earthly idea why. mine was the polar bear. the sad news is that we made it to not one single yarn store while jen was here, despite the fact that she's a knitter. those 4-year-olds can be quite a handful. i don't think he would have stood for a yarn store in the 3 short days they had here. and because it's the only one downloaded from the camera, here's a picture of bridal veil falls in the columbia gorge from when andrea and drew were here a couple weeks ago.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Okay, Somebody's Gotta Blog. Might as well be me!

I look every day. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day - to see if anyone has blogged. Not a soul in days! Why not me? Probably because I don't have pictures and it's always so much more fun with pictures. I have a digital camera - that I bought before we went to Maryland but have I used it? Nooooo. Okay, so once but I took the picture too large and I haven't used it since. Plus, I lost my brand new memory card in the room in Maryland. And those things aren't cheap. Anyway, once I figure out how to use it and get another memory card, maybe I can post some pictures. Then again, once you get me started with something - no telling how obsessed I'll get. If it's anything like my obsession with knitting and yarn and knitting books - well - I'll be posting photos of yarn and perhaps people off the street.

Hmmm. Last night we met at Marcy's adorable cottage (that's how I think of it). VV, I passed out the pattern copies that you sent. Thank you! Julie showed off all of the many Christmas/Holiday gifts that's she's already finished. At the end of June her self-imposed Christmas knitting period will be over and she can officially (again, self-imposed) start knitting whatever the hell she pleases!!!!! Julie, I'm thinking that we should celebrate at the beginning of July.

Ooh, I tasted the best "non" beer last night. At first I was thinking - hey - this isn't knit related but yes it is. Drinking in any form is knit related. It goes hand in hand whether it's alcohol, coffee, iced tea, etc. Anywayyy. I was telling Marcy about how I'll get home and crave a cold beer but then I get about half way through it and it makes me so darn sleepy. Mary gave me a MARKE "CLAUSTHALER" non-alcoholic beer. I am not kidding. This stuff tastes exactly like beer and one of the best by the way. You gotta try it! And thank you Marcy.

Maryc's working frantically (well maybe not frantically) on her book. She's got some great projects in the making. Plus, Ben's sweater is coming along swimmingly. I'm still working on the Koigu "Wendy" Grapes of Wrath shawl. I love it. I've also started on the intarsia part of Christopher's hero cape. Of course Julie reminded me of the "Dragon" sweaters with the intarsia that we were both so adamant about starting - LAST SUMMMER! Well, we still have the yarn and the pattern and we were going to make the largest size anyway, so we have at least another year.

Well, that's it. It's somebody else's turn.

Friday, June 02, 2006

don't call it a comeback

hello sweet ladies,

just in case i didn't tell all of you, I'm starting my other blog again, http://ayearinstitches.typepad.com/a_year_in_stitches/. but i'm not putting any crazy deadline on myself this time, I'm just going to do the stitch swatches when I do them.

the pic? i'm thinking of something, and i'm thinking of submitting it to Interweave. so I'll let you know more after I know more.

i'm going off to the san juans this week, so i might not be able to post from there, if not, stay tuned to next week where i'll try and have photos of al and my trip to the san juans!

I got in! Blogspot actually remembered me!

Hi. Mims thanks for missing me because it prompted me to see if I could still get in without sending 10 e-mails to blogspot asking for my login and password.

Anyway! I've been checking VV's blog and thoroughly enjoying it. Of course what happens is I see the mention she's made of blogs she enjoys and I think "oooh, I don't recognize that one" and I click on it and on that blog I see the blogs that they like to read and I say again "ooh, I don't recognize that one" and I end up in endless blogland! However, that's the way I've found all the neat free patterns and other pattern ideas to drool over.

I'm working on the shawl from Wendy Knits with all the Koigu millends I scored in Maryland. I just love that stuff! I'm also working on Christopher's hero cape. Finally got the author (Vicki Howell) of that book (I believe it's "Alterknits") to e-mail me with corrections to the pattern and I was very impressed that she actually e-mailed about a week later to see how it was going. It's an adorable pattern - although I have to say - "Vicki, honey, very poorly written". I'm using the Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton.

VV, I'm thinking that I'll keep accepting any free sock yarn you offer up and since I don't knit socks I might just put it all together and start knitting a scarf or shawl form it. What the heck that they're not all the same color. If the colors are at all similar I could come up with something fabulous - from VV yarn!

Anyway, that's about it. Julie and I signed up for the Hunt Valley Cashmere "Cashmere Square of the Month" club. YOu pay $22 a month for a skein of cashmere to make a sqaure for an afghan. The first month it's $32 because they send you a great booklet of "Knitter's Magazine" afghan squares. They suggest which square to make each month and in the end you have a cashmere afghan! Julie's still waiting for her first month shipment and as soon as she gets it we'll get started. I figure I can knit one square a month. Some of the patterns look so difficult to me though but I figure this will be an easy way to conquer a new technique.

Have a great weekend everyone!