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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

the road trip continues...

okay to update you guys, here's a brief summary of what has happened to me since you maryland...

- spend the night in the minneapolis airport because flight was delayed.

- got wicked WICKED case of poison ivy. (i know, i know)

- had to design a 64-page tab for the p-i.

- had to go to the doctor because the poison ivy was making my wrist blow up like a ballon.

okay, now for the fun stuff,

saturday i went to visit mims in portland.

portland has the *cutest* yarn stores. mims, you are so lucky.

i took some pics at lint (the location of the plate of cupcakes.) i think it's possibly my favorite. it even had free temporary tatoos of their logo. and great music playing. and great yarn. see photo of terra.

we also met leigh radford, and she signed my copy of one skein at knit/purl. those lovely knit/purl owners let me and mims sip champagne and munch on brownies while i sat and chatted with leigh. honestly, i thought there would be more people there, but i'm pretty happy there wasn't, cause leigh had time to tell me a little about how she got her start in designing for Interweave and what to do with some shibori felting balls i bought on a whim.

and now it's really going to sound like i'm stalking leigh. she told me she was going to talk to the seattle knitting guild tonight. so i'm going. so if leigh radford mentions something about a short asian chick lurking two steps behind her, you'll know how to direct the police.

i'll try and take some pictures tonight. i forgot to get a picture of her in portland.

oh, and just so you know, mims' yarn in person is just FAB. F.A.B. i can't wait to see what she does when she dyes it!!!!!

and also i dyed some more stripy sock yarn. i'll take a pic of it and post it tomorrow. if any of you find it interesting, its yours.


Blogger Beverly said...

Oh the cupcakes on that plate!!!! I just told Julie (queen of the cupcake knitting) on Sunday, that I thought a plate full of them would be so cute. Someone beat me to it!

8:20 AM


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