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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

long time no chat...

vv, how's the struggle with the habu pattern translation going?

beverly, what happened to you? we haven't heard from you in ages!

i've become completely obsessed with dishcloths. they're very portable and it's almost instant gratification and really cheap yarn works just fine. i did another one from mason dixon in 2 shades of green and a really light blue. it is incredibly cute. and last week i bought vogue knitting stitchionary. it's the pricest knitting book i've purchased, but it was just too beautiful to not come home with me. i knit another washcloth from one of the stitch patterns in there and i'm about 1/4 of the way through a fun dropstitch one that's also from the book.

i got the book last week when andrea was visiting. vv, we only made it to one yarn store while she was here, that just doesn't seem right... but we did get a couple of hikes in. you and al should come back down some weekend and see the gorge. and one of joe's sisters (jennifer) with one of her kids (miles) is coming out to visit this weekend. miles is 4, so i think we will definitely be hitting the zoo. and we're going to the coast on saturday. they live in kansas so this will be the first time miles sees the ocean. should be fun, because joe can drive and i can knit on the way!

i've also spun another skein of yarn since i last posted. it's about the same as the last one.


Blogger Beverly said...

Mims, I keep commenting but I'm actually worried that I won't be able to post. Hopefully it will remember be. You need to talk to Julie. She's been doing some really neat things with washclothes (sachet and soap holders, candles in the sachet, bibs, etc.) She's really way ahead on her Christmas gift knitting. I'll try and post tomorrow!

2:25 PM


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