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Monday, May 01, 2006

he's as excited as i am, bless his heart ....

this is the email i got back from little barn ...

i will look it up tomorrow and send you a paypal invoice for the product. this is going to be the biggest dog and pony show we have every put on! around 20,000 skeins of yarn below wholesale and over three thousand pounds of fiber on special. look forward to seeing you there.



Blogger mims said...

woo hoo!

11:23 PM

Blogger Beverly said...

VV, I can't remember - but is any of their cashmere already spun and in skeins or is the cashmere strictly unspun? I want to get excited about this but since I don't spin if it's not in skeins I can't get that excited. I'm trying to really stick to purchasing cashmere. I still have a huge supply of alpaca that I purchased from them last year. I just don't want to get carried away at purchasing stuff I don't need. Now you're got my curiosity peaked!

10:40 AM


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