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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

what, no 'knitting for dogs' takers?

so, to update what's been claimed from the spring cleaning stash ...

dibs on: the all stitched up, mother of purl, dyer's garden, afghan squares, swift and sock yarn have been claimed.

i should have done this earlier. my knitting corner is looking much more organized.

i guess while we're at it, i should put up the rowan wool cotton i was going to ebay ...

11 balls of the stuff i got on *sale*, (i use that term losely) it's the yarn i made the interweave knit's ballet wrap sweater out of.

btw, this is how the self-striping sock yarn knits up. i meant to include it with the other picture, but i needed to actually knit it up. i think the next batch i'm going to do more even stripes, and try different colors. but besides a few white flecks (where i tied the strings too tight that the area didn't get dyed) i don't think its bad for a first-timer.


Blogger arati said...

I'll buy that Rowan yarn from you. It will remind me of you (sigh). How much for it?

4:43 PM

Blogger mims said...

that sock yarn is gorgeous knit up. i love the uneven width of the strips. i

1:57 AM

Blogger Beverly said...

Arati really needs her "VV" fix.

2:07 PM


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