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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

vv, your sock yarn is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. (by the way, i typed "beautiful" in lower case and then highlighted it and hit apple k. it didn't work. why can't more things in my life work like quark? if my spinning wheel worked like quark i'd be so much better at it...) as for your hat yarn, silly me, i don't know if it would ever occur to me to use the yarn the pattern called for! god forbid, becuase then i might actually have a chance of getting gauge and could knit something without lots of math. why in the world are you getting rid of your swift? as for your books, i'd love to take "dyer's garden" and "100 afghan squares" off your hands. i'll eventually have the pound of white fleece spun and have the urge to make it different colors. and i've got a friend here who just got married in november and is about ready to start trying for a baby and i have dreams of me and the 2 other friends i've taught to knit making her an afghan. it might not be a bad idea for us to start knitting before she's pregnant if we're to have any chance of finishing before the baby arrives.

as for my projects, i finally bought the last button for the olympic sweater, but i still haven't sewed it on. and i knit the baby's bib from mason dixon for joe's law school buddy and the baby's bib from one skein wonders for my high school buddy. one skein looks like a pretty good book. i don't have it, but i flipped through a co-worker's copy, the author is from portland so apparently we're eventually going to do a story about it. the bib is really cute, it looks like flower petals. the only downside is that there are a dozen ends to weave in that i haven't done yet. but if you're budgeting your yarn book buying, you've definitely got to go for mason dixon knitting. i haven't knit on the knit and tonic sweater in a couple weeks. i'm near the point where you seperate the sleeves from the body of the sweater and each round just takes so damn long i can't mentally handle it compared to the baby bibs and washcloths. speaking of washclothes, we've been using the one i knit and it's about time to get it clean-- wash it in the washing machine-- and i'm a tad bit nervous about it. i have visions of the spin cycle unraveling the whole damn thing. i've yet to put something i knit in the washing machine... and i'm still crocheting the damn blanket that's supposed to be a wedding gift for my friends. i'm maybe half way through and i'm so over it. i'm ready to go buy them a china place setting or something else that feels relatively lame/unpersonal to me becuase i'm sick of the blanket and afraid that i'm starting to put bad energy or something like that into it.


Blogger Beverly said...

Mims, you are so funny. It sounds like you've really been knitting yourself crazy! I think that Julie may have just finished a bib out of the One Skein book. I grabbed the Maxon Dixon book the day it got to the store. I am in love with that book! It's just such a great read - as well as neat patterns. I want to make one of the rugs from those pot holder loops. I found a place online that you can get them in bulk for next to nothing. Do so wish we could see you one of these days.

9:51 AM

Blogger vv said...

I bought the Mason-Dixon book, I love the pictures and everything, but I'm not itching to knit any of the things in it.

Leigh Radford, the women who wrote One Skein and she also wrote AlterKnits, is the art director at Interweave. I want to meet her, just in case I need to beg for a job from her.

She's doing a workshop here in Seattle (actually a couple) but the cheaper one is on a Wednesday, in the middle of the day, so I don't know if I'll make it. If you know if she's doing a workshop in Portland and you feel like going, maybe I can make a weekend out of it and visit you.

3:28 PM


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