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Monday, April 03, 2006


i haven't decided what i'm going to do. the jist is the arbitration decision has to be made by april 2007. if the times wins, then the paper's closing could take place as soon as 6 months after that or as late as a year after that. right now, i've decided to just keep beefing up my portfolio, maybe get in touch with the times, possibly the other papers in the puget sound area, or maybe elsewhere.

i really haven't started to panic. i just feel like enjoying the summer here before i do any real panicing.

on the upside, there are two ncaa pools going on in the newsroom here, and as of right now, I won one, and if florida wins, i will win the other one also. (can we say fiber budget? i'm on pace to win about $200) so GO GATORS!!!!!!!

also baseball has started, so i pretty excited about that. (i have my cubs shirt on today, and tomorrow the mariner's tee comes out, as do i, to SAFECO field.

and i'm almost finished with the eyelet wrap i want to wear in maryland. i'm just knitting the ties right now.

and i'm still wavering on the bag. i have this $25 voucher that i could use on the bag, i just don't know. (see i'm even wavering as i type)

mims, i wouldn't mind if you got that freelance info for me, if nothing else, it sounds like fun. i really appreciate it.

so that's the update, i'll post a picture after i finish the sweater.


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