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Monday, April 03, 2006

Jobs; Cardigan; Bags.......

First of all - damn VV. Don't suppose you'd give any thought to coming back here - to the place where you're loved and adored? Just keep us posted.

Mims - I'm getting ready to start on the same cardigan! I'm making it for Alex. She picked out the yarn. She actually couldn't have the color she wanted most - which was a dark brown - but she decided on a lime green. I'm using Jaegar "Trinity" which I've been wanting to knit with for at least a year. It's got the same gauge, and similar composition so I'm excited. Haven't gotten started yet though. Should be able to tonight though. Keep me posted on your progress.

About the knitting bags. Being the bag whore that I am. I have a couple that I actually haven't started using yet. I just can't say no to a bag! The one I'm obsessing over right now is the Lexie Barnes "Lady B" bag in the design "Little Miss Perfect". I just love it! It's the cost that's keeping me from buying it this very day. I definitely plan on buying it though.

VV, keep us posted on the job front. Mims - keep me posted on the cardigan.

Miss you guys!


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