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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


oh my god!!!!! you know the odessa hat i'm having everyone here do? well it asked you to ssk and i thought i was doing that and one of the knitters was like, are you sure that's right? and i was like yeah i think, and then i looked it up on the internet and i'm so totally dead wrong. i've been doing the skp, or s1, k1, psso all this time. i think it will be okay on the hat because both stitches slant to the left, but what an IDIOT i am. i mean, jesus, its called slip, slip knit. you would have thought that it would have came to me at some point.

if it seems like i've written the previous statement just after i finished figuring out that i'm wrong, that's because i did.



Blogger Kristin said...

Here's my big question about ssk. Is it any different from k2tog tbl? I'm sad I didn't check often enough and I missed all your offers. I would have been all over that wool cotton and the swift! You are so generous, VV.

9:09 AM


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