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Monday, April 24, 2006

and even more updates

so this is one of many projects i have going. this my friends, is self-striping sock yarn that i dyed. i'm so excited how it turned out. I purposely dyed more than i will need for one pair of socks, so if any of you are interested, its yours. i'll bring it along with all the other surprises.

i followed these easy directions ...
  • self-striping yarn directions by eunny

  • (the hardest part is winding a skein like 50 feet long, which is NOT that simple, but the rewards make it worth it.)

    i'm going to dye some more in a different colorway, so if you don't like this color, you might like it.

    mims, to answer your question, the hat yarn is rowan cashsoft, just like the pattern calls for.

    beverly, the beading is soooooo simple, you should totally knit something with beads. if you want, when we are in maryland, i can show you, but you can so figure it out on your own.

    also mims, since i won't see you in maryland/raleigh, i'm sending you some stuff. i'm in this spring cleaning mode, so i'll be sending you some stuff (mostly some spinning fluff.)

    also, in my spring cleaning mode, i've decided to eBay my swift. but if any of you want it, it's yours.

    and i have some books,

  • dyer's garden

  • knitted babes by claire garland

  • all stitched up

  • rip it

  • knitting for dogs

  • knit one, felt too

  • new knits on the block

  • mother of purl

  • second-time cool

  • sew stylish

  • oddball knitting

  • 100 afhan squares to knit

  • knitted toys by fiona mctague

  • for the love of knitting

  • if anyone wants any of these, just let me know, otherwise, to eBay they go.


    Blogger Beverly said...

    Hi. I sent you an e-mail about a couple of things that I'd really love to have if they're still available. I'm so impressed that you're cleaning house - so to speak.

    You've really imspired me to try the beading.

    9:35 AM


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