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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

We're going to Maryland! Well - a few of us at least

I'm so sad because Kristin and Marcy can't go. Mims - why aren't you coming? I think that Veronica is trying to get in touch with Arati. Anyway, the every type A - Julie has done her magic, yet again, and found us a room. I'm just so excited! This time I'll be able to plan ahead. Last time I did take a list of the projects I wanted to find yarn for but this time I think I'll be looking more for a great deal on cashmere and maybe even a cashmere kit. I just won't be racing so much this year. I want to really walk around and browse. I've started on very easy sleeveless v-neck pullover from a new Filatura Di Crosa pattern booklet that I bought. I'm going to be able to use some of the Calmer that I have so it should be great. I gave the pattern to Julie also so let me know if you'd like the pattern and I can scan it and e-mail it to any of you. I'm making the small (bust 34 1/2)for Alex or Nicole and it callsfor about 650 yards for the small and about 760 for the medium (bust 38) with a gauge of 4.5 stitches to the inch. Start looking for yarn girls!

Nothing hugely new. Noticed that no one has been posting so hopefully everyone is doing okay. Mims - what are you working on and how's the painting in the house coming along?


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