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Sunday, March 26, 2006

vv, al's sweater looks fabulous! but what is a weeble? whatever it is, i'm sure it does not need to be fixed and isn't noticable to anyone but you. also, what is a watch cap?

friday i hit my lys and bought some cotton and 3 buttons. i started the ballband washcloth from mason dixon knitting last night and finished it watching tv tonight. i love it. you all need this book. the patterns are so cute, but even better it is a great read. tomorrow night i'm going to start the felted box pattern in the book and if i can find any linen on elann.com the hand towels might be next. there's also a very cute baby sweater that i'm thinking about for the baby my cousin is currently pregnant with. but it's tied closed with ribbons, i think i might just use buttons instead. i have visions of the ribbon getting caught on all kinds of things. as for the buttons i bought, they are sewed on to the once-olympic sweater. only problem is that the sweater has 4 button holes, not 3. i have no idea what i was thinking there...


Blogger Beverly said...

I've been telling the girls about this book for a couple of months and everyone just nods when I say how excited I am about it. Knitteres REview gave it this great review! I've been saving this Barnes & Noble gift card that I received at Christmas for when it came out. I'm so happy that you like it. Now I'm jealous and can't wait! I'm going to go right now and check the site and see when it will be out.

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