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Thursday, March 30, 2006

tick, tick, tick

well my time in seattle may be coming to an end.

the paper announced that the lawsuit against the times is going into binding arbitration. which means there is a date. a date that that the P-I more than likely will close. i went to go get a smoothie to soften the blow. al told me i should get a shot of whiskey, rather than a protein or immunity boost in it. after the meeting, people started talking about jobs in other place.

maybe this is a sign that i need to get out of the newspaper business and start my own yarn shop. wouldn't that be fun? i'd get to hang out in a cute shop and be surrounded by fibers. i guess all i need now is some startup money and some savings that will allow me to have an income for the next ten years. yeah, that's going to happen.

anyway on fiber related news i'm making great progress on my Rebecca sweater, the one with the eyelets. i think i'll be able to wear it in maryland. i'm going to do some experimenting with dyeing my own self-striping yarn and i'm thinking about getting a new knit bag. i was thinking the new jordana page bag. does that sound cheesy? i kind of pride myself on getting great bags that are useful for knitting, not bags specifically designed for knitting. they are cute, but they aren't cheery enough. they seem so serious and i don't want to be a downer of a knitter.

also on a spring note, i'm wearing a skirt today, without stockings. the nice time in seattle's coming again. maybe it'll make me forget about all the paper troubles.


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