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Monday, March 06, 2006

red shirting

well, my wrist feels better, but it still hurts some and i'm still not knitting. i got a split keyboard for my pc at work and i'm mousing with my left hand on that computer. i'm still using my right hand for the mac. i hate mousing with my left hand, but i think it's helping a lot. my wrist was feeling almost fine, and then sunday night and today i spent a lot of time designing on the mac and it was hurting more by 1/2 way through my shift today. i did the oscars last night. it kinda sucks, lots of stress and deadline pressure to end up with a page that's kinda boring. speaking of pages, vv, did you see that the results are up on snd's site? the n&o didn't win anything. the oregonain won 10, but no one from my mini department won. (home and gardens won, but they're their own department.) anyway, i was just on vizeds and someone who won 5 awards was whining that she didn't get more. oh, please.

back to knitting, i've got a meeting at work on wednesday to pick winners from our readers' submissions for the knitting olympics. i don't think i've ever looked forward to a meeting so much!


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