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Friday, March 31, 2006

holy crap!

vv, wow. do you know anything about how far out that date's going to be? is it a matter of months or years? that sucks. you know, if you can't buy a yarn store how about starting your own business spinning and dying yarn? significantly less start up costs. you could free lance design for some extra money when you needed it. my photo editor's wife used to free lance magazine layouts from home. i can find out more about how she got the assignments if you want.

as for the jordana page bag, if you're talking about the satchel, it does strike me as a bit serious. but that may be just the trait you need to round out your collection...

as for my knitting, i still haven't made it back to the store to buy that last button. perhaps tomorrow will be the day. i knit about 3/4 of a felted box from the book i was raving about, but then ran out of yarn. it's now waiting to be frogged. last night i started the not-so-shrunken cardigan from knit and tonic, my first sweater knit from the top down. i've got about 3 and a half inches of it so far. this feels like the best knitting time. i've got enough on the needles to see how different sections are going to become the back, sleeves and fronts, but i haven't yet had time to mess anything up or realize that the sweater is going to be completely unflattering or it's not going to fit right. at the moment it still has the potential to be everything i've ever dreamed of in a sweater.


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