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Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Post - Update on Lots

Okay, a quick post
VV and Mims. We miss you terribly. We plan on knitting on Sunday at Starbucks so if you can jump a plane and drop by please do. I'm currently obsessing over the Lady Eleanor Shawl in the Scarf Styles book. It's entralac and I would have never given it a second glance but I happened across a blog post at the blog of Fig and Plum and she had never knitted entralac before and said this pattern was actually easy and her pictures were absolutely gorgeous so now I'm constantly looking at every yarn internet site trying to find some damn wool yarn for way less than I really need to spend for this project. I would love to use NOro Silk Garden but who am I kidding! I'd have to spend about $130 and whose to say that I'd actually start on the damn thing anytime soon. Oh well, that and the yarn I want for the KNitandTOnic "Not So Shrunken Sweater". I think I'll end up using the yarn she did - the Silky Tweed - but I keep hoping that I can use something in my stash or find some great yarn for $4.00 a ball. You know how it is.

Ran into Arati and she said that she's keeping up with the blog. Don't know why she's not posting anything though. Why Arati?! Why?!!! She looked as adorable as ever. Kristin's Mom cut a tendon in her hand doing beadwork and had to have surgery last week and she's headed by home to her hubby tomorrow. It's been a really stressful time for Kristin with her Mom leaving and the baby just starting daycare. We may start knitting at her Mom's condo here in Raleigh on Sundays at some point. She was nice enough to offer. HOpefully she'll be back soon but I think she said it would be a few months. I know the separation will be hard for Kristin. She's gotten used to her being here all the time. It hurts me thinking about it.

Anyway, hopefully you two will post something by MOnday - when I'll check in again. I'm hoping to knit myself silly this weekend.

Miss you girls!


Blogger mims said...

bev, this is probably the stupidest question ever, but do you know about elann.com? lots of nice yarn for 4 bucks.

12:00 AM

Blogger mims said...

p.s. i will post more sunday or monday. got out of town family visiting at the moment.

12:07 AM


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