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Thursday, March 23, 2006

am i losing my mind?

so last week (i think it was last week, maybe it was just the beginning of this week) i checked our blog and there was a post from vv, it was just a sentence or so and a link to a pod cast she made. i clicked on the link and then listened to the podcast. it was so cool to hear her voice. she talked about it being her first one and she talked about the maryland fiber fest and lots of other things. when i was done listening to it i clicked the back button to get back to our blog to leave a comment, and her post along with the link to the podcast was gone. i've never done acid, so i think it's safe to rule out it being a flashback... what's up vv, am i losing my mind?!

as far as knitting, i have basically finished my olympic sweater. all that's left is to buy some buttons and sew them on. that is all on my list of stuff to do friday. i'll post a pic then. it's a little wonky where i sewed the sleeves to the body, and it's not very flattering because the yarn is a little bulky (it was knit on 10s), but i think it fits pretty well. my friend lisa saw it tonight and commented on it being short, but that was on purpose. of course, i didn't think it was so short that some one would comment on that, but y'all can judge for yourselves soon... and i just got the mason dixon knitting book. it was sent to our fashion reporter at work who is not a knitter and promptly handed it over to me. i've just begun to look through it and i absolutely love it. the very first pattern is the cutest dishclothes i've ever seen. amazingly enough i have a yarn stash that cannot be contained by a footlocker, but i have no colorful cotton. i think i'll have to pick some up on friday when i'm buying the buttons.

and speaking of stash, have y'all seen http://www.zibibboisgood.com/archives/2006/03/flash_your_stas_1.html
i'm eagerly awaiting april 1st.

bev, i can't make it to maryland because i'm basically using all my vacation for friends who are coming out here to visit. hopefully i'll make it next year. i just about drool when i hear y'all talk about it.

vv, i have full confidence that the finished sweater will look absolutely magnificent on al, don't be nervous!


Blogger vv said...

no, you haven't lost your mind, I couldn't get it to work on all computers, so I took it offline. I kind of gave up on it, but I'll try again if you want to hear it.

11:07 AM


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