Or how to keep in touch with your best knitwits when you live 3,000 miles away from them

Friday, March 31, 2006

holy crap!

vv, wow. do you know anything about how far out that date's going to be? is it a matter of months or years? that sucks. you know, if you can't buy a yarn store how about starting your own business spinning and dying yarn? significantly less start up costs. you could free lance design for some extra money when you needed it. my photo editor's wife used to free lance magazine layouts from home. i can find out more about how she got the assignments if you want.

as for the jordana page bag, if you're talking about the satchel, it does strike me as a bit serious. but that may be just the trait you need to round out your collection...

as for my knitting, i still haven't made it back to the store to buy that last button. perhaps tomorrow will be the day. i knit about 3/4 of a felted box from the book i was raving about, but then ran out of yarn. it's now waiting to be frogged. last night i started the not-so-shrunken cardigan from knit and tonic, my first sweater knit from the top down. i've got about 3 and a half inches of it so far. this feels like the best knitting time. i've got enough on the needles to see how different sections are going to become the back, sleeves and fronts, but i haven't yet had time to mess anything up or realize that the sweater is going to be completely unflattering or it's not going to fit right. at the moment it still has the potential to be everything i've ever dreamed of in a sweater.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

tick, tick, tick

well my time in seattle may be coming to an end.

the paper announced that the lawsuit against the times is going into binding arbitration. which means there is a date. a date that that the P-I more than likely will close. i went to go get a smoothie to soften the blow. al told me i should get a shot of whiskey, rather than a protein or immunity boost in it. after the meeting, people started talking about jobs in other place.

maybe this is a sign that i need to get out of the newspaper business and start my own yarn shop. wouldn't that be fun? i'd get to hang out in a cute shop and be surrounded by fibers. i guess all i need now is some startup money and some savings that will allow me to have an income for the next ten years. yeah, that's going to happen.

anyway on fiber related news i'm making great progress on my Rebecca sweater, the one with the eyelets. i think i'll be able to wear it in maryland. i'm going to do some experimenting with dyeing my own self-striping yarn and i'm thinking about getting a new knit bag. i was thinking the new jordana page bag. does that sound cheesy? i kind of pride myself on getting great bags that are useful for knitting, not bags specifically designed for knitting. they are cute, but they aren't cheery enough. they seem so serious and i don't want to be a downer of a knitter.

also on a spring note, i'm wearing a skirt today, without stockings. the nice time in seattle's coming again. maybe it'll make me forget about all the paper troubles.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

vv, al's sweater looks fabulous! but what is a weeble? whatever it is, i'm sure it does not need to be fixed and isn't noticable to anyone but you. also, what is a watch cap?

friday i hit my lys and bought some cotton and 3 buttons. i started the ballband washcloth from mason dixon knitting last night and finished it watching tv tonight. i love it. you all need this book. the patterns are so cute, but even better it is a great read. tomorrow night i'm going to start the felted box pattern in the book and if i can find any linen on elann.com the hand towels might be next. there's also a very cute baby sweater that i'm thinking about for the baby my cousin is currently pregnant with. but it's tied closed with ribbons, i think i might just use buttons instead. i have visions of the ribbon getting caught on all kinds of things. as for the buttons i bought, they are sewed on to the once-olympic sweater. only problem is that the sweater has 4 button holes, not 3. i have no idea what i was thinking there...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

what's that? what's that?

It's the Great Sweater for Al, Charlie Brown!

Or at least the Finished Sweater for Al that I'm Not Going to Go Back and Fix the Weird Sleeve Weeble.

And the other photo shows how much yarn I had left. I didn't even have to use the yarn that was a different color!!!!!!!!!!

Also, the skein of mulitcolor yarn is the yarn that I bought from Sundara. Isn't it beautiful.

So I decided I can't start all the projects that I want to start on until I finish things that are on needles already. Which isn't bad, just a watch cap, a washcloth and the Rebecca sweater I started in September. It's getting spring-ish here and it might be nice to wear in Maryland.

am i losing my mind?

so last week (i think it was last week, maybe it was just the beginning of this week) i checked our blog and there was a post from vv, it was just a sentence or so and a link to a pod cast she made. i clicked on the link and then listened to the podcast. it was so cool to hear her voice. she talked about it being her first one and she talked about the maryland fiber fest and lots of other things. when i was done listening to it i clicked the back button to get back to our blog to leave a comment, and her post along with the link to the podcast was gone. i've never done acid, so i think it's safe to rule out it being a flashback... what's up vv, am i losing my mind?!

as far as knitting, i have basically finished my olympic sweater. all that's left is to buy some buttons and sew them on. that is all on my list of stuff to do friday. i'll post a pic then. it's a little wonky where i sewed the sleeves to the body, and it's not very flattering because the yarn is a little bulky (it was knit on 10s), but i think it fits pretty well. my friend lisa saw it tonight and commented on it being short, but that was on purpose. of course, i didn't think it was so short that some one would comment on that, but y'all can judge for yourselves soon... and i just got the mason dixon knitting book. it was sent to our fashion reporter at work who is not a knitter and promptly handed it over to me. i've just begun to look through it and i absolutely love it. the very first pattern is the cutest dishclothes i've ever seen. amazingly enough i have a yarn stash that cannot be contained by a footlocker, but i have no colorful cotton. i think i'll have to pick some up on friday when i'm buying the buttons.

and speaking of stash, have y'all seen http://www.zibibboisgood.com/archives/2006/03/flash_your_stas_1.html
i'm eagerly awaiting april 1st.

bev, i can't make it to maryland because i'm basically using all my vacation for friends who are coming out here to visit. hopefully i'll make it next year. i just about drool when i hear y'all talk about it.

vv, i have full confidence that the finished sweater will look absolutely magnificent on al, don't be nervous!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yeah we're going to Maryland

Hey everyone,

sorry I haven't posted in a while, it's the same ol' thing with me, Al's sweater. It's odd, I only have a few inches left to finish it and now I can't seem to find the energy to knit. I wonder it this means I don't want to know that it will look like crap on him. I should probably finish it tonight and post a picture of it tommorrow.

On a different note, I bought some great handpainted stuff from sundara yarns http://sundarayarn.typepad.com/sundara_yarn/2006/01/multicolored_ya.html and picked it up from where she works (she's lives in seattle). I bought the rose quartz colorway. Anyway, she's extremely nice and it was nice to meet a fellow knitter. She made an observation which once she said it, i found it completely true, it's hard to get people out of their circles in seattle. Anyway, you guys should check out her colors, amazing. they look better in person.

We're going to Maryland! Well - a few of us at least

I'm so sad because Kristin and Marcy can't go. Mims - why aren't you coming? I think that Veronica is trying to get in touch with Arati. Anyway, the every type A - Julie has done her magic, yet again, and found us a room. I'm just so excited! This time I'll be able to plan ahead. Last time I did take a list of the projects I wanted to find yarn for but this time I think I'll be looking more for a great deal on cashmere and maybe even a cashmere kit. I just won't be racing so much this year. I want to really walk around and browse. I've started on very easy sleeveless v-neck pullover from a new Filatura Di Crosa pattern booklet that I bought. I'm going to be able to use some of the Calmer that I have so it should be great. I gave the pattern to Julie also so let me know if you'd like the pattern and I can scan it and e-mail it to any of you. I'm making the small (bust 34 1/2)for Alex or Nicole and it callsfor about 650 yards for the small and about 760 for the medium (bust 38) with a gauge of 4.5 stitches to the inch. Start looking for yarn girls!

Nothing hugely new. Noticed that no one has been posting so hopefully everyone is doing okay. Mims - what are you working on and how's the painting in the house coming along?

Monday, March 20, 2006


Monday, March 06, 2006

red shirting

well, my wrist feels better, but it still hurts some and i'm still not knitting. i got a split keyboard for my pc at work and i'm mousing with my left hand on that computer. i'm still using my right hand for the mac. i hate mousing with my left hand, but i think it's helping a lot. my wrist was feeling almost fine, and then sunday night and today i spent a lot of time designing on the mac and it was hurting more by 1/2 way through my shift today. i did the oscars last night. it kinda sucks, lots of stress and deadline pressure to end up with a page that's kinda boring. speaking of pages, vv, did you see that the results are up on snd's site? the n&o didn't win anything. the oregonain won 10, but no one from my mini department won. (home and gardens won, but they're their own department.) anyway, i was just on vizeds and someone who won 5 awards was whining that she didn't get more. oh, please.

back to knitting, i've got a meeting at work on wednesday to pick winners from our readers' submissions for the knitting olympics. i don't think i've ever looked forward to a meeting so much!


Beverly, I wish I could have joined you guys on Sunday, but I was coming back from Canada. It was pretty exciting. We got the press rate and a great hotel in Whistler and got to snowboard in style. It was great. I wish I could have stayed longer. The room was so nice I could have just stayed and knitting in the room and not have gone snowboarding at all. But of course I didn't. Not much too report about my projects. Still knitting Al's sweater. I taught my boss how to purl on the trip. (She taught herself how to knit, continental style no less. luckily, i figured how to knit and purl continental, or else i wouldn't have been much help to her.) I'm a little sore, but it was totally worth it. Mims, if you get a chance, you have to go to Whistler-Blackcomb. So amazingly beautiful.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great Monday, I'll post another photo of the sweater soon.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Post - Update on Lots

Okay, a quick post
VV and Mims. We miss you terribly. We plan on knitting on Sunday at Starbucks so if you can jump a plane and drop by please do. I'm currently obsessing over the Lady Eleanor Shawl in the Scarf Styles book. It's entralac and I would have never given it a second glance but I happened across a blog post at the blog of Fig and Plum and she had never knitted entralac before and said this pattern was actually easy and her pictures were absolutely gorgeous so now I'm constantly looking at every yarn internet site trying to find some damn wool yarn for way less than I really need to spend for this project. I would love to use NOro Silk Garden but who am I kidding! I'd have to spend about $130 and whose to say that I'd actually start on the damn thing anytime soon. Oh well, that and the yarn I want for the KNitandTOnic "Not So Shrunken Sweater". I think I'll end up using the yarn she did - the Silky Tweed - but I keep hoping that I can use something in my stash or find some great yarn for $4.00 a ball. You know how it is.

Ran into Arati and she said that she's keeping up with the blog. Don't know why she's not posting anything though. Why Arati?! Why?!!! She looked as adorable as ever. Kristin's Mom cut a tendon in her hand doing beadwork and had to have surgery last week and she's headed by home to her hubby tomorrow. It's been a really stressful time for Kristin with her Mom leaving and the baby just starting daycare. We may start knitting at her Mom's condo here in Raleigh on Sundays at some point. She was nice enough to offer. HOpefully she'll be back soon but I think she said it would be a few months. I know the separation will be hard for Kristin. She's gotten used to her being here all the time. It hurts me thinking about it.

Anyway, hopefully you two will post something by MOnday - when I'll check in again. I'm hoping to knit myself silly this weekend.

Miss you girls!