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Friday, February 17, 2006

Whoa, you go offline for a few days and that's when everything happens

Holy mole! Wow, so much going on. I'm not doing anything in particular for the knitting olympics because I feel like Al's sweater is my project. So I finished the body and really only have to finish the sleeves, but again I'm worried. I think I will have enough yarn to finish (thanks to the top down method) but the yarn is definitely showing differences in color. The body looks fine, but the sleeves. Oy the sleeves. I'm trying to knit with two balls at once so the difference won't be so noticable, but I think they are noticable. I really just need to finish it though. We had a cold snap last night, but it's been warming up steadily before that, so I really must finish the sweater.

I'm definitely in for Maryland. Al and I are both coming back to Raleigh, so I'll probably drive up with you guys. Let me know the plan.

Beverly, I got my Interweave in the mail a week ago. I can email you a pdf of a pattern if you know which one you want.
I also got the new Rowan. I decide to make glad in a limey green color. but yes, i know, i must finish al's sweater first.

Mims, I didn't go to the fiber fest. I opted to be a good wife and spend time with Al instead. Actually I needed that time to round up the stuff I needed for his birthday. I got him a ben and jerry's ice cream cake and made him dinner.

I post pictures of the sweater and the yarn tonight when i get home.


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