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Thursday, February 23, 2006

VV - They say "Third Time's a Charm"

We will believe it and I just know that the end result will be stunning. By the time you finish it you know that you're going to have to submit the pattern to Knitty and/or Magknits. KnitPixie might even want it! I'm just excited about seeing the final result on Al!

Mims, I am envisioning the new room with new floor and walls. It sounds fantastic. Be sure to send us a photo when you get a chance. Don't worry about the darn Olympic deadline. I'm having so much fun following the saga of your sweater.

Okay, last night Julie and I met at Tir Na Nog. They have this whole huge side room with tables and a fireplace and Wed. are evidently a fairly slow night. The only major thing going on was a "darts" tournament - or maybe it's a club or something. Anyway, they turned the lights up for us and it was perfect. Had something to eat and a couple of beers - my very favorite - Killians Irish Red. Then before we left I had an Irish Coffee. I'm telling you - those Irish put plenty of whiskey in their coffee's! Oh! You're wondering about the knitting! Well, Julie has this new plan - and I think it's a great one. Do your Christmas knitting between Jan and June. Then from June until Christmas you do whatever. Sounds like a plan to me! Marcy showed up (she had to visit the Helio's crowd first because she has some fellow olympic knitters to keep tabs on) and is making great progress on her beautiful over the knee socks with the eyelet up the back. The yarn is the Zephr wool/silk, I believe, and she's using it two stranded and it's so yummy! Fawn came by and she's almost finished the KNitandTonic's "swing coat" which she's knitting for the olympics and for a friend's little girl. It's really adorable! She's using Cascade Sierra Quatro and I'm in love with it. Need to tell her that I just noticed it's on sale at WEBS. Anyway - I tried casting on for the yoga socks and it was hilarious. I'm really going to have to practice and practice again just to get those darn stitches divided on those needles. Pray for me!


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