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Saturday, February 18, 2006

too ... many ... projects ... can't ... concentrate

I'm not sure I'm ever going to finish this sweater. I don't know if the photos translate, but there is a color difference at the arm. It's all I can do NOT TO RIP the whole thing and start again.
So in true VV form, I've started a lot of little distraction projects to forget about the sleeve.

I'm knitting fingerless gloves because I think my circulation sucks and my hands get so cold when I knit.

Also a friend at the paper wants some dishcloths. It's kind of cute to think of knitted dishcloths and washing fiesta ware and looking outside a beautiful window on a sunny day, but I got to say I LOVE MY DISHWASHER! It allows me more time to knit. Anyway, at least I can use the scrap yarn I have to do it.

The lime green kidsilk haze in the picture is for the sweater I showed you guys in my previous post. I realized it's the same color as my little change purse only the other day. A friend came with me and I asked her to pick out the color and she picked the limey green. She hasn't even seen my little change purse. Who would've thunk?

as for the year in stitches blog. ayayaya. I actually have knitted some swatches that I haven't posted yet, but I'm way over my head. I've resigned myself to just do a swatch here and there and still post, but not kill myself, because let's face it, no one's really reading it.


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