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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The suffering continues...

So here's a pix of the sweater. (Notice the rosewood needles as oppose to the ebony needles.) The sleeve seem to fit much better, but now I'm wondering about the neck. I'm so worried that I'm picking up stitches for the neck and going to put the edge stitches so I'll know if it really is too much neck. I made Al put it on to make sure the sleeves would be okay, and he said, "Is the V-neck suppose to show some cleavage?"

At least, I wouldn't be ripping back an entire sweater.

Anyway, as a distraction, I ordered this zen garden from kpixie. I'm thinking that I'm going to have to give it away because it's a smidge too pinkish for me. It really is a lovely color though.

Mims, I think the Torino Olympics weren't inspiring enough for you to finish your sweater. Too many cry-babies, not enough Apolo Ohnos. (He's a cutie.)


Blogger Beverly said...

VV - hang in there on the sweater. You've come this far - and back again - so don't stop now. Damn that sweater! About the Zen yarn. It's beautiful and I've been eyeing at Kpixie so don't dare get rid of it. Are you going to make socks from it? They'll be lovely on you.

11:34 AM


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