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Thursday, February 09, 2006


i need help with my knitting olympics pattern! so the pattern i want to use calls for a gauge of 13 st to 4 inches. the yarn i am using on the needles i want to use is 15 sts to 4 inches. so i'm trying to rewrite the pattern for my gauge. i've never done this before. the sweater is a v-neck cardigan. the pattern gives instructions for shaping the armholes and the v-neck seperately. (which i feel should be some type of crime, but have been told by friends that this is a common thing.) it tells me where to start the armhole shaping, but there is no mention of where to start the v-neck shaping. the only thing that i can come up with is that i need to knit the back first, and then count rows backward from the top to figure out where to start the v-neck shaping in relation to the armhole shaping. am i missing something? i was hoping that i'd be able to finish translating the pattern into my new gauge on thursday so i won't have to waste any valuable knitting time during the olypmpics. any suggestions?


Anonymous Diane said...

What I usually do first is to make a sketch of the item and then "convert" the original directions from stitches to inches (using their gage) and put those on the sketch. Then I take my gage and convert those inches on the sketch back into stitch counts. The sketch really helps me visualize the project and often keeps me from knitting some really odd items!

5:16 AM

Anonymous Cat Bordhi said...

I just read the article online - WOW! I am sure you read as much as I do if not more - being a journalist - and I must say this is one of the very best mass media articles ever on the current wonderful state of knitting. How delightful that the writer learned to knit as well - Bravo. Thanks so much for putting your all into this. I suspect that the Knitting Olympics (thanks to articles like yours) is going to act as an infusion of jet fuel into the already exponential blossoming of our favorite way to use our hands.

6:36 AM


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