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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Okay ...

I should be posting more, I know and I'm sorry. My other blog has gone to complete s**t too. And the crazy thing is that I'm actually still knitting the swatches, just not getting around to posting about them. I plan the Seahawks. Maybe that's wrong, but I wouldn't have to work 12 days straight if it weren't for them and their Super Bowl, which I didn't even get to watch because I was too busy working. I AM SO BITTER!

However bitter I am, that doesn't mean I should ignore you guys. During my dark, rainy days in Seattle (really, it has dried out a bit and for the past couple of days we have had a fair amount of sunshine) I've been thinking about Maryland. So let me know what you girls are thinking. Al and I are making plans to come back to Raleigh around then, so I'm definitely in.

Mims, I went ahead and allowed comments. I think I turned that feature off because we were getting a lot of spam.


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