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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Okay - here's a bit of an update - always more than you actually need to know I'm sure

Okay, just have a few. I'm in the throes of finishing the red shawl. I'm using a KnitNet tubetop stitch pattern for the shawl. I used Koigu handpainted yarn and it's beautiful. Ripped out the Rowan Summer Tweed sweater I'd started for Alex. I'm using a Peace Fleece pullover pattern instead. With this pattern it will still be slouchy but there will be a snowball-chance-in-hell that I'll actually finish it before she turns 15. Nicole is in trouble "with the law" yet again. I say this with with a southern drawl - hoping to give it the sort of Dukes of Hazzard/Billy Jack lean. Does anyone out there actually remember the movie "Billy Jack" besides myself? When I was in high school that was a cult movie. I mean EVERYBODY THAT WAS ANYBODY had to see that movie. It was a sort of rebel movie. Most of you guys are probably to young to remember it. Don't really know what to compare it to. If you were to watch it today you'd probably laugh hysterically at how poorly it was performed but at the time it seemed so "deep". I'm thinking that I will absolutely have to see if NetFlix has it! Anyway, enough of that. Let's just say that I'm not knitting the 19 year old anything right now - unless it's a blanket for ther jail cell. I know - it's not funny. I have to laugh or I might cry.

Waiting patiently (okay - so not really patiently) for the Spring 2006 Interweave Knits to go on the stand. Noticed that one of the knitting internet sites already had it for sale but I'm trying oh-so-hard to wait until it hits my local yarn store - Great Yarns. It's supposed to hit the racks on the 21st but I think I'll call them again today - just in case.

VV, I'm still counting on Maryland in May. I'll talk with the girls about it on Sunday. Kristin's Mom has actually offered us her condo in Raleigh to start meeting at if we'd like. We're really excited about that possibility. VV and Mims - you both absolutely have to plan on Maryland in May.

One more thing. I really want to make the Mac & Me "Yoga Socks". They're on the knit pixie (kpixie.com) site under patterns - Mac & Me. As much as I hated trying to learn to knit socks I really want to make these so I'm hoping that the gals can heldp me through it. Gotta run. Alex is staying after school for Drama Club and I have to get there in - oops - I"m late now.

So good to be back on the blog!! OH! Almost forgot. Crazy Marcie is knitting gorgeous leg warmer/socks with eyelets all the way up the back for her olympian project. They're like over-the-knee knee socks. They're so pretty but the needles are so, so tiny. If anyone can do it though - it will be Marcie! Saw her Sunday for the first time in months! She looks as wonderful as always. Oooh! Got to meet Joe finally.


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