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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I finished the ruffled Sursa shawl and I have to say ITS GORGEOUS!

Okay, so I'm bragging. But I just never seem to finish anything. Well, I might finish something but then I fail to block it and it sits forever - languishing in the world of "Pink Great Yarns Bags" (you guys know what I'm talking about. I must have 2 dozen of those pink bags!). Anyway, I used the Brooks Farm wool/mohair/silk blend yarn that I bought at the Maryland Fiber Festival. I used Misti Alpaca yarn for the ruffle. Those of you that know me know of my fear of "picking up stitches". Well, sweet Kristin showed me this easy and remarkable way of picking up stitches that I actually understood. I should give credit where credit is due - actually VV showed Kristin and Kristin showed me. I had tried and frogged that darn ruffle 3 times before Kristin helped me get it right. I've actually got the shawl in a bag in my car because I want to have it with me so that whenever I see someone I know I can yank it out and show them. Me: "Oh look - let's see what I just happen to have in my car - why it's the beautiful shawl I just finished! How in the world did that get in there?" You guys get the picture. I've already used that trick on Julie.

Oh! I got the KPixie package in the mail yesterday. Had the yoga sock pattern and the Lorna's Laces worsted in it. That yarn is so darn soft! Anyway, I'm kind of excited about getting started on them.

That's about it. Oh, Christopher loves the shawl. He said that I should "make a hat and a scarf to go with it and you would look soooo pretty!". Didn't show it to the Nicole because she came by and saw Christopher wearing his very favorite outfit - emerald green camisole over a Chucky Cheese t-shirt and an old pair of his Mom's hot pink backless pumps, with a Barbie coat on the top of his head as his hat and she then proceeded to stomp out of the house telling me that I was "raising him wrong" and was going to be the cause of his "being gay". She left and I hugged him and told him he looked absolutely great in what he had on. Ain't motherhood/grandmotherhood grand?!

Julie and Marcy and I are meetin at Tir Na Nog tonight to drink and knit. Kristin and her Mom already had tickets to a play. I phoned the restaurant and they said that they could put us in a separate room and turn up the lights for us. I mean, how great is this?! Beer, whiskey (I mention this merely because evidently Wed. night is "whiskey" night), coffee, etc. Good friends and yarn. I'm a happy camper! Just with VV and Mims could join us!


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