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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

How wonderful Beverly!!!!

When I'm back in Raleigh you will have to pull it out so I can see it. And Christopher is completely fine, I find it rather sweet that he's into things that make you happy. Did I tell you I have a friend (a guy) who is getting into knitting all on his own. Completely straight (married in fact), very, VERY cute. I sent him a bunch of, what I will refer to as 'guilt yarn' because every time I looked at it I feel guilty for buying it because I know that I bought it because it was on sale and I know I'm NEVER GOING TO KNIT with it. So I sent him a copy of Stitch 'N' Bitch with the guilt yarn and he LOVED IT. I think it would be great if someday Christopher became a great fashion designer and when interviewed he relates stories about how he would accesorized his grandmother when he was little.

Okay, now comes time for my sob story. So I finished Al's sweater with just one sleeve to go and I asked him to put it on and, he did, and it made him look like a complete JACKASS. Al was VERY VERY SWEET. He was very forgiving and I knew he would have worn the sweater anyway because he knew how long I had worked on it, but I couldn't do that to him. And while we're at it, I was a little lazy with doing the necessary math and measurements, so, let's say it together, I WENT BACK. ALL THE WAY BACK. I did the math. I took gobs of measurements. I'm doing the short rows for the shoulders, I'm going to block every so often and check it against the measurements. I wrote out the pattern step by step, so help me Jesus, I will knit sweater a third and LAST time and it will be the best fitting garment he owns.

In a way it feels like a purgatory punishment. I finish the sweater, but then I must unravel it and knit it again. Unravel, knit again. and again.

Well, so long as I'm in hell, I might as well sin a little. I bought some Susanne rosewood needles. They're beautiful. I'm not sure now whether I love the rosewood more than the ebony. I feel the need to have a complete set now. Anyway I'll post pictures of the sweater once again when it looks like something. The way you can tell it is the new attempt at the sweater will be the lovely rosewood needles.

BTW: GO MIMS!!!!!! I may not be a thousand people cheering on the side of the mountain, but I think you deserve some encouragement.


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