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Friday, February 17, 2006

day 8

woo hoo, party at yarngirls! bev, your post was no where near too much, keep it coming! vv, let's see those pics!

speaking of pics, here's the back of the sweater being blocked:

i took a semi-break yesterday, only knitting about 5 inches of the right front, but i i finished the front and the 5th ball of yarn today, bought some more straight pins cuz i still can't find the old ones, and blocked the back. i might start one of the sleeves before i go to bed. i was also thinking about maybe adding a hood since i've got the extra yarn, but i' don't know if i'll have the time to figure that out, or knit it for that matter, because we're having the floors in our den refinished starting wednesday. we need to move out all the furniture before then and paint the room, so i know i won't be doing any knitting on tuesday.


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