Or how to keep in touch with your best knitwits when you live 3,000 miles away from them

Thursday, February 16, 2006

day 6

ball 4 of yarn has been finished as has the left front of the sweater and almost 5 inches of the right front. all of which is pointing toward the fact that earlier panic about not having enough yarn seems to be completely unfounded. of course, the 3 extra balls of yarn i ordered arrived today. oh well. i'm sure i'll come up with a use for it sooner or later. and with the yarn came barbara walker's knitting from the top. i read a little of the introduction tonight while taking breaks from my olympic knitting and i wish i had bought it before christmas when vv first mentioned it here. i'm so excited to read all of it and to start knitting!

beverly, welcome back! i can't wait to hear more from you.

vv, did you make it to the fiber festival last week? how was al's birthday?


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