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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

day 5

still on ball 4 of yarn. not much knitting got done tonight (there are 11 inches of the left front of the cardigan now) because i wasted a lot of time being confused and fustrated. i cannot for the life of me find my straight pins to block the back of the sweater. no earthly idea where they might be. and i was having a lot of trouble figuring out how to shape the neck because of my gauge difference from the pattern's. i started charting it last night after i posted and thought it was making sense, but then i didn't like how it was lining up with the armhole shaping when i added that to the chart tonight. major fustration ensued for a while, but i looked at some other sweaters and think i have it figured out. i've written out the pattern for the rows where the armhole and v-neck shaping are happening at the same time. 5 more rows before i reach that part of the knitting. the sweater has a set in sleeve and it just occured to me that i could have some real problems when i reach that portion becuase of the other changes i've made to the pattern. i decided that i can only properly freak out about one piece of a sweater at a time, so i'm just not going to worry about the sleeves until i get there.


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