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Thursday, February 23, 2006

day 13

vv, thanks for the encouragement, i cracked a pretty good grin reading that. bev, christopher sounds fabulous and congratulations on your shawl! and i definitely wish i was at tir na nog with y'all.

as for my olympic knitting, well, we got the den painted last night. three coats. but i'm very happy with how it looks. it's just the shade of blue i wanted (light, but earthy) and it's probably the neatest job of painting joe and i have ever done. so i'd say all of about a half dozen rows were knit by me yesterday. tonight wasn't a whole lot better, my wrist and a couple of fingers on my right hand started hurting, so i stopped knitting pretty early this evening. the sleeve is about 13 inches now. i was hoping to finish on saturday, but now i think i might end up going down to the wire. bev, i totally empathize with you about picking up stitches. i've only done it once, and i'm pretty sure i didn't do it right. once all the pieces are sewn together i've got to pick up all the stitches up the front, around the neck and back down the other side of the front. i'm pretty nervous about that part.

oh yeah, i think the reason that my fingers started hurting might have something to do with the fact that it's freezing in my house since i have every damn window in the place open. they refinished the floor today. he said the smell would be noticable, but it wouldn't be bad. he lied. big time. i felt sick from the smell within about 12 seconds of walking in the door tonight. so, every window is open, except the ones in the room that is causing all the stench becuase we are not allowed to set foot on that floor right now. i'm trying to keep my eye on the prize... the room we spend the most waking hours in is going from the drabbest beige walls i've ever seen with completely groady, stained carpet to beatiful blues walls and warm honey hardwood floors...

vv, you are my idol. i have no idea how you find the patience and perserverence to knit the same yarn into the same sweater three times. i'm so impressed. it's definitely going to be the best sweater he's ever worn.


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